I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break.

Looking at the community involvement with beta one, many of you must have decided to skip the turkey and give BuddyPress a whirl! We’ve seen more than 8,000 zip downloads, a fantastic number for such a new project. This has translated into some excellent feedback and quality bug reporting. Thank you to everyone who has given their time to provide bug reports and feedback so far.

Now that there has been time to assess the quantity and severity of bugs coming in, it’s possible to set some dates.

There will be a second beta release available on January 26th, and the final 1.0 version of all component plugins and themes on February 9th.

As always, you can track all known bugs via the BuddyPress trac site. If you’re interested in helping out with bug fixing, there is a useful thread you can read on the BuddyPress forums.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest fixes as they are made, please use the trunk version of BuddyPress via Subversion.