The BuddyPress team is proud to introduce BuddyPress 2.1 “Patsy”!


Revamped @mentions interface


BuddyPress has long supported @mentions in the activity stream. But previously, you needed to know the username of the member you wanted to mention. No longer. In BuddyPress 2.1, typing the @ key will bring up the new suggestions panel, making it easier than ever to connect with others in your network.


New profile field type: URL

The new URL field type allows your users to enter URLs in a number of formats, and ensures that they’re properly linked when displayed on member profiles.


Better translations

Running a BuddyPress site in a language other than English? We’ve worked with the WordPress team to get BP translation files downloading automatically to your WP installation. And, thanks to the tireless effort of a team of polyglots, BP is more translatable – and more translated – than ever.


Under the hood

We’ve made dozens of improvements with developers in mind. Here’s a taste:

  • Access control in BP_Group_Extension has been completely overhauled, allowing plugins to manage access to their nav items on a fine-grained basis.
  • A new group_activity sort order has been added for Groups queries.
  • A no_access_url parameter has been added to bp_core_new_subnav_item(). This allows you to set the URL that users are redirected to when they do not have permission to access a sub-navigation item.
  • Extra CSS classes have been added to Profile Field visibility field elements, allowing greater CSS customization.

Read more about the hundreds of bug fixes and feature enhancements in BuddyPress 2.1 at our official 2.1 changelog.


Give me my propers when you get home

The following users contributed code to BuddyPress 2.1. Huge thanks to them, and to all who have tested and provided feedback during this development period!

adamt19, Alex Mills (Viper007Bond), allendav, alternatekev, Automattic, Beau Lebens (beaulebens), Boone B Gorges (boonebgorges), Brad Williams (williamsba1), Brajesh Singh (sbrajesh), danbp, David Cavins (dcavins), Erin B. (ebellempire), esroyo, godavid33, Henry Wright (henry.wright), Hugo (hnla), Mathieu Viet (imath), John James Jacoby (johnjamesjacoby), Jose Conti (jconti), jreeve, Laurens Offereins (Offereins) lenasterg, mercime, Michael Beckwith (tw2113), Miles Stewart (milesstewart88), needle, OC2PS (sooskriszta), Paul Gibbs (DJPaul), r-a-y, Roger Coathup (rogercoathup), Sarah Gooding (pollyplummer), Sergio De Falco (SGr33n), shanebp, Slava UA (slaFFik), Stephen Edgar (netweb), Tammie (karmatosed), tomdxw, treyhunner, ubernaut, wbajzek, WCUADD, wpdennis, wolfhoundjesse.


By the slice

BuddyPress 2.1 is named for Patsy’s, a classic pizzeria in East Harlem, NYC. Aside from top-notch pies, Patsy’s is famous for its claim to have originated the practice of selling pizza by the slice. What better way to celebrate a new version of BuddyPress than grabbing a slice for yourself?

Download BuddyPress 2.1 “Patsy” today, from your WordPress Dashboard or Questions or comments about this release? Stop by our excellent support forums or visit our development tracker. Thanks for using BuddyPress!