Hello BuddyPress contributors!

5.0.0-beta2 is available for testing, you can download it here or get a copy via our Subversion repository. This is really important for us to have your feedback and testing help.

Since 5.0.0-beta1:

  • We’ve brought some improvements to string i18n into the BP REST API code.
  • We’ve also improved the JavaScript function we are making available in this release to ease your clients BP REST API Requests.

5.0.0 final release is approaching!

The Release Candidate (RC) is scheduled on September 16: at this time BuddyPress 5.0.0 will be in a string freeze. It means we won’t change i18n strings anymore for this release to leave enough time to our beloved polyglot contributors to translate BuddyPress into their native languages. If you’re a good english writer or copywriter you can still help us to polish the text we plan to use to inform about the 5.0.0 new features.

If you are still using our Legacy Template Pack and think it’s important to include a Twenty Nineteen companion stylesheet into this release, September 16 is also the deadline to make it happen. Please test, contribute and improve the patch attached to this ticket.

Let’s use the coming days to make sure your BuddyPress plugins or your theme or your specific WordPress configuration are ready for BuddyPress 5.0.0 : we need you to help us help you: please download and test 5.0.0-beta2!

5.0.0 is almost ready (Targeted release date is September 30, 2019), but please do not run this Beta 2 release in a production environment just yet. Let us know of any issues you find in the support forums and/or on our development tracker.