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  • Anyone? Yes/no/maybe?

    Any word on this issue? I’m still having the same subdomain/subdirectory issues. Is anyone running BP this way? Thanks

    Anyone know where would the code for that message would be? Thx

    Also, using More Privacy Options, but that shouldn’t affect it should it?

    1.0b2 combo package (not SVN) with WPMU 2.7

    Yes, I’d like to know as well. It would be good to add some ‘getting started’ info there.

    Dreamhost PS – all good.

    I tried that solution with the subdirectory (haven’t tried with the subdomain) and the behavior is the same as in my OP (no change). I also tried installing the 1619 version of wpmu-settings.php (via Trent’s link) without any luck. It’s entirely possible that I’m doing something wrong but I think I followed the directions.

    Update: I tried a subdomain and got a different problem. I could see the member profile, but it wouldn’t let me login. Whenever I tried to login the page would just refresh and still be logged out.

    Anyone get subdomains/subdirectories working?

    Anyone? For example, this text area I’m typing into right now has no buttons over it. How would I add them there? Thx

    How would you enable TinyMCE for the text areas inside BP?

    “fck? use tinymce that is integrated with wp”

    Is it possible to enable TinyMCE for the text input area inside forums? The default seems to be no buttons for formatting, images, links, etc.

    Sorry, what’s AFAK? (I mean besides “Armed Forces Assistance to Korea”)


    I’m looking for that feature too. The About page mentions it, but the component is not part of the combo package. My (very) limited understanding is that this feature will be implemented in the upcoming release.

    Do you mean the BP activity dashboard or the WPMU admin section? For the dashboard you can click the Home link wherever you see it, or the BuddyPress logo in the top left. For the WPMU admin section what I do is type into the browser address bar.

    Great, thanks. I’ve only got it opened to a couple of close friends so far, I’ll open it up to more when most things are smoothed out.

    Thanks Mike. On another subject, I was just thinking that maybe my posts lately sound like I’m complaining about problems with BP, but it’s only because I love it so much and see the potential! ;) I’m using it everyday on a real-world/live project and run into things I can and can’t do, and also getting feedback from my beta-users, so I assume the devs want them brought up, correct?

    I just know from a users perspective that they’re going to forget to write something, and then wonder why they get a big red error message on the next screen, that right now doesn’t tell them why, it just says “There was a problem..” or something similar. I like to idiot-proof things as much as possible.

    I don’t see a Groups > Admin link, where is that? And using my User account, when I went to the backend, all that was there was the dashboard and a link to the Profile (WP not BP) / Personal Options section. That’s why I was saying there’s a need for a link in the front end, since Users can create groups but not edit them, unless I’m missing that Groups > Admin link you mentioned.

    Here’s what I changed line 466 to:

    value=”<?php echo site_url(‘login’) ?>”

    Seems to be working nicely so far.

    Ah yes, re-read what you said and found the link. I was using the other “Users” link in the tabs in the top right. So yes, I can use that method for now since they get a username and password sent to them, as well as a link to the login page. I’ll supplement that email with a descriptive one that tells them “How to get started in 5 easy steps”. Thanks again!

    Thanks for your understanding Wardeh! Yes, I actually tried that as well, but it’s not an actual user creation, it’s an invite link. When they get the email there’s no user/pw. So when they click to the site, they’re directed to a page that says “You have been added to this blog. Please visit the homepage or login using your username and password.” but they don’t yet have one. And the admin (me) can’t manually give them one in the admin tool. So then they’re redirected by MPO to the login page.

    Seems like BP is just screaming for an elegant solution to all of this. Other than this ‘little problem’ it’s such an amazing system. Do I need to hire a programmer or is it in the very near future? Anyone?

    Nope, that doesn’t work either. With the More-Privacy-Options plugin engaged, when I invite a new user with the Invite Friends plugin they get redirected to the login page without having gotten a username and password. And for some reason I can’t manually add a new user through the admin panel (seems a little silly). So back to the drawing board. Two days, so far, of wrestling with this problem.

    Alrighteethen, I’ve given up on a reg form on a custom login page.

    Even simpler, from a code standpoint is a message on the login page that says “This is a private site. To join, please email the site administrator.” with a spam-proof mailto link. I can then manually sign them up. Pretty clunky, but it sounds like BP will be better at this kind of thing someday soon.

    Actually, maybe it makes more sense to have a custom login page. Non-logged in users are already being redirected to the login page now, so you can design that page to have an intro message and a registration form, along with the standard login fields.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 28 total)
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