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    Add a post/page using your already created CPT to profile needs to add a tab and to handle some conditionnals for allowed usres to see it.

    Here some related topics where you can see how you could do it. Note that it doesn’t explain how to made a CPT and how to handle user access. But will easy to find on Codex or this forum.


    these fields are required by the system.
    WP ask for username, password and email. When BP is activated, he uses WP’s name option Public Name so he can rely to WP. This field called Name is the only one which is required by BP for that reason.

    When you visit dashboard > users > your profile, you have a tabed page with profile options (the original WP user manager) and Extended profile (which belongs to BP) where you can edit your profile. On WP’s tab you see login, first name, last name and public displayed name. On BP’s tab there is only Name, which reflects what is in first and or last name.

    In wp_users table, you have user_login, user_nicename and display_name

    user_login and user_nicename have the same content
    display_name contains first and/or last name (if exist from a previous WP install, before BP installation).

    Depending what and where something needs a name to work (avatar, comment, notice, activity, etc), one or the other name option is fired.

    If you don’t need/want real names on front end, you can use this plugin:

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    Which is the config you use locally ?
    How is the profile page url formed ?
    Is your member directory containing a members list ?
    Have you enabled debug in wp-config ? See if you get warnings or notifications.

    Could it be you use a multilingual plugin ? Deactivate it and contact the author and also your theme support.
    Same issue & same theme author mentionned here:

    See theme’s documentation or ask on their support how to arrange this. As you us a premium theme, we can’t help you here as we have no free access to it. Thank you for your comprehension.

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    you’ll have to check your settings conciensiously.
    First, deactivate bbpress and BuddyPress. Launch WP alone, just in case of.

    Activate BuddyPress and review the settings. Each activated component should have his own page, without any content. Activate permalinks and use any option except “default”.
    Sync BP and WP users in BP settings.

    As BP component you need at least Messages and i recommend you Extended Profiles for better UX.

    Now go to dashboard > tools and repair BP. Back to front and see how BP works. Test messaging.

    Activate bbPress and read here before starting to set it up.

    After bbP settings, return to dashboard > Tools and repair the Forum

    Cross finger that the sky doesn’t fall over your head. Buddy, you’re done ! ;-)

    hi @scribbleben,

    thought there is no theme who fit a project to 100%. It’s only a tool to show a project. And BuddyPress is only a plugin, which let you handle a user community in a certain way.

    You don’t need a page builder. BP is fully dynamic and WP publishes posts like a champ, so you probably won’t need more than 2 or 3 pages over those effectivly required by BP.

    You don’t need a framework theme if the project is for one client or if you use BP 2 times a year for other clients.

    You don’t need a theme full of bells and whistles, but an utility tool which let your client earn money or live with his community, without spending tons of hours to learn how his bells plant is working or returning to university to doctorate for a whistle diploma.

    I would suggest use 2012 or 2015 during the period you build the project. Find an acceptable compromise between client desire, needed plugins and eventually some custom functions to add. Once that structure is built, you will incorporate it to a theme.

    Your 4 points.

    1) WordPress
    2) BuddyPress
    3) BuddyPress
    4) WordPress and BuddyPress

    So i’ve probably resumed your needs or even what you already did.

    Which theme is the closest ? Almost any, but with 30 000 themes under the hand, it’s not an answer.

    The important thing to know would be your client’s opinion about internet, web sites, ergonomy, personnal surf interrests. Equally, the specifics about hosting, bandwith, maintenance budget, supported device, target usage, and a few other little details which you haven’t listed yet.

    Is this your first BuddyPress experience ?
    If so, perhaps visiting some BP sites online will help you to come nearer about what can be done – independantly of any layout consideration in a first step.

    See Your BuddyPress forum
    or my own showcases here and here (french, european and word site examples).

    The po file you used initially contains errors or missing strings. This file is on glotpress and indicate it is 100% translated. Problem is, that Glotpres doesn’t control the syntax and 100% translated doesn’t mean working to 100%.

    If you use this po file as work base, you have already 95% translated and probably some typo errors. poEdit handle this and shows you which strings are not “completed” or have “changed”. In this case, you have to validate the translation. Such difference are highlighted in a different color, so they’re easy to see.

    It’s not automated, but a kind of.

    Similar topics

    Suggest you open an enhancement ticket to get some dev advice about this. Give an explicit title, a short description of the situation and simply link to this topic.

    Your Login credentials are the same as on this forum.

    Thank you.

    Hum, i tested the theme. Member and group headers are not displayed. Strangely the code is in the page, but is not read ! I applied some CSS and get no result. Seems theme use class instead of ID’s in some places. And i’m not willing to debug this.

    You have to get in touch with the author. Tell him about this issue or use another theme if you don’t want to wait for a solution or struggling with code for an undetermined time.

    Tip: Iconic-One is similar, fast, light weight, pretty well coded in html5 and works flawlessly with BP.

    Here what i have on my test install, 2012 + wp+bp in spanish

    screenshot toolbar menu

    as you see, the wp part IS in spanish, and most of the bp items are in english, and some are in spanish.

    Guess you have to review the whole translation manually with poedit or at least try to setup your site to another spanish format, so that bp could use that one. With a little chance, one of them is correctly translated.

    Open the po file with poedit and update it with the POT file shipped with BP 2.2.1.
    And complete/modify the translation, save and add the mo file to live site languages/plugins/ directory.

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    FYI, how is looking a profile page:

    you can also check this by using 2014 or 15 theme, so you’re sure to have all default fonctionnalities of WP/BP

    Wish you a nice monday, tuesday,…. week :P

    I can’t help you for a premium theme as i have no access to it without paying.
    See theme’s support for that.

    But before, let’s try something other.

    Set your site language to italian and save. WP will upload the italian translation. If not, do it manually from glotpress and see that you have wp-content/languages/

    Your site is now in italian. Verify the menu translation. If it’s still in english, deactivate your theme and activate 2014 or 2015. The menu should be now in italian.

    If it is the case, set site language to spanish and check the menu. Should be in spanish. If ok, reactivate your theme.

    If the menu remains in english, contact the theme support.

    Deactivate BP, and see if this part is then translated.
    Which theme do you use ? Could come from there too.

    That’s why i told you about quick edit, where you can set comments appering individually, page by page independantly of the global view comments setting introduced by your theme.
    This is also avaible in WP’s settings. (dashboard > settings > discussions) Both should match i presume (theme+wp = allow comments on page) and on a BP page, disallow comments).

    Did you tried that ?

    It’s the WP part of Howdy menu.

    Check your site settings and set your WP language (dashboard > settings > general) and see if it works.

    What is your custom language ? Could be that WP is not fully avaible for it.

    Hi @ottolini,

    can you give details about what you’re doing please ?

    In your example user 26 ask user 5 for frienship and user 5 is askink the same to user 26.

    This is a theoric situation, because by default, when 26 ask to 5, 5 can’t ask for the same to 26. On the member directory or on 26 profile, 5 will see a “frienship requested” button, which let him accept or reject 26’s request.

    So i guess this behave is intended to avoid request colision. But i could be wrong, thank you for further explanation. ;-)

    See first WP and your theme settings.
    Ensure also that all BP dedicated pages are empty, without any parent template, attached CPT and that comments are disabled for these pages.
    Use quick edit to do this when you’re on the admin page directory.


    i mentionned the codex page because it shows the arrays to filter on.

                'component_action'  => 'new_at_mention',
                'is_new'            => 1,

    (optional) Whether the notification is new. This will be set to 0 once the notification is viewed by the recipient.

    See bp_notifications_toolbar_menu function (bp-notifications-adminbar.php:20)

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    You could also study this plugin and see how it’s made…

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    You omit issue description or at least, mentionning this topic.
    I added it to your ticket. ;-)

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    SWA shows by default all members activities, listed by activities type

    – all members activities [ default tab – aka home ]
    – my friends activities [ my friends tab ]
    – my groups activities [ my groups tab ]
    – my favorites activities [ my favorites tabs ]
    – my mentions activities [ my mentions tab ]

    When you’re on a profile, tabs are not using “my something”. When you click on “friends” you get a list of your friends, not their activities. The only activities showed on a profile are those of the profile, by default the profile home tab which is Activity.

    Since BP 1.9, you can use any existing WP theme.

    Don’t loose your time to work on it and use a child-theme with a (recent)theme of your choice.
    The files you can copy to your child are all in bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/

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