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  • Hello, it looks like you’re using another plugin to manage logins that might have something like “uwp” as its name. Try disabling that plugin and seeing if the site works as expected.

    Thanks for your report! I’ve created a ticket with a patch that corrects the behavior here:

    That depends on what theme you’re using. If you find out what template or function is producing the author page, you can add a link the user’s profile page using the function bp_core_get_user_domain( $user_id ). You’ll have to pass in the correct user ID, which should be used in the author page, too.

    Your addition might look like
    <a href="<?php echo bp_core_get_user_domain( $user_id ); ?>">Visit User Profile</a>

    That’s an interesting idea. What about using the Akismet anti-spam service to check the content of the message?

    I’ve also had bots send spam messages via private messaging, and it’s a pain once it gets started.

    It may be possible, but it would have to be accomplished using a custom plugin (and would be complicated).

    Hello, you can add information to output to this hook:

    add_filter( 'bp_nouveau_get_member_meta', function( $meta, $member, $is_loop ){
    	// is_loop is true in the members directory
    	if ( $is_loop ) {
    		// Taxonomy fetching code goes here...$member->ID is the member ID.
    		// Then assemble the output.
    		$meta['taxonomy_item'] = "taxonomy item " . $member->ID;
    	return $meta;
    }, 10, 3 );

    The content of the activity item would be $activity_array['content']. You can see the action that Venutius was using here:

    So you’d just add something like
    $message .= "$activity_array['content']";
    to the code posted above.

    Hi @rezocom-

    That’s a pretty complicated request. I’ve used a plugin that adds a “spam” action link to activity posts, but doesn’t have an approval workflow:

    That’s funny, someone else is trying to do something similar:

    As I note in that other thread, it’s going to be hard to hide the username since it’s fundamental to BP messaging and mentions. Sorry, I can’t think of any straightforward way to change that behavior.

    Your problem appears to be that a plugin called Learndash is trying to use a function groups_is_user_member() before that function is defined, or maybe you are not using the BuddyPress Groups component, then it will not be defined. You’ll need to explain the issue to the Learndash plugin authors so they can check for the function to exist before calling it.

    Hi @visitatore-

    The username is used extensively through BuddyPress, so I don’t know how it can be kept a secret. (For instance, it’s used for the user’s profile page url at /members/{username}.)

    I don’t think you can hide the username entirely, since the BP messaging and mention system is built on the username, but you could probably change out some references to the username in the messaging templates by overriding message templates as described here:

    On what hook are you firing that function? Are you using the Legacy or Nouveau template pack? (Have you changed from the Legacy to Nouveau template pack recently?)

    It could be a number of things, but my first thought is that there’s no reason to be changing the groups nav when you’re in the middle of the create routine, so maybe there’s a more strict check we should be using above and beyond the bp_is_group() check as used on the API page:

    In any case, you should be able to prevent the error by adding a conditional around calling edit_nav():

    $bp = buddypress();
    if ( isset( $bp->groups->nav ) ) {
    	$bp->groups->nav->edit_nav( array( 'name' => __( 'Home/Reflections', 'buddypress' ) ), 'home', bp_current_item() );

    That’s pretty old code you’ve found. We have a new API for that:

    Navigation API

    The example “Changing the name of the Unread subnav item of the user’s Notifications nav menu” is pretty close to what you’re looking for. If you want to add the displayed user’s display name, this is close:

    function bpcodex_change_activity_nav_name() {
    var_dump( buddypress()->members->nav );
        buddypress()->members->nav->edit_nav( array(
            'name' => bp_get_displayed_user_fullname() . "'s Feed",
        ), 'activity' );
    add_action( 'bp_setup_nav', 'bpcodex_change_activity_nav_name', 100 );

    You’ll need to add that code to your bp-custom.php file or similar.

    Can you say what the update was? Was it a BuddyPress update or a WordPress update (or some other plugin), or do you know?


    You might look at using Member Types to organize your members:

    Great, thanks for the update!

    David Cavins


    That really depends on your theme. You can use your browser’s inspector to see what CSS rules are causing the layout, then override them by adding custom rules to your site via the customizer or by using a child theme.

    Firefox’s inspector How to:

    David Cavins


    Various email services filter for spam in different ways, and it can be a real trick to get the activation mail to be delivered. I’ve had good luck using an API mailer like SendGrid or similar, where you can set up all the extra email supporting stuff like DKIM and SPF. Several of the popular API mailers have WP plugins, so that’s one way you can improve the delivery rates.

    If you’re asking how to resend the activation emails, you can do that by visiting your WP Admin dashboard at WP Admin > Users > Manage Signups (/wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-signups) and choosing the “Email” action with each user.

    David Cavins


    I suspect the problem is with your modal-based login. Try TwentyNineteen temporarily to see if the issue persists.

    It sounds like you may have to disable the BP no access redirect with your theme.

    David Cavins


    Well, you’ll have to be sure that the “Profile Field URL” field has the id of 6 on your installation. On your site, visit the Profile Fields admin at Wp Admin > Users > Profile Fields (/wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-profile-setup) and hover over the “Edit” button for the field you want to affect. The link will look something like /wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-profile-setup&mode=edit_field&group_id=1&field_id=7 showing you the field_id you want to use.

    David Cavins


    Hi, feel free to look at the source code where BP calls PHPMailer:

    As you can see, unless you are using a plugin that is injecting an older version of PHPMailer on the bp_phpmailer_object filter, BP is using the PHPMailer class included in the WP includes folder. BP isn’t including a copy of the PHPMailer class at all.

    David Cavins


    HI @discovered96-

    That’s interesting. With the Legacy template, the activity stream is built and served as part of the page, so it sounds like a theme display issue. Can you try your site with a basic theme like TwentyNineteen to see if the issue persists?

    David Cavins


    Hi @cviniusj-

    It sounds like you are wanting user who register via WooCommerce to appear as members on the members directory in BP. What you’ll have to do is add a last_activity meta item for those users when they register, so that BP will include them in user queries. I’m not knowedgable about Woo, but something like this might work:

    add_action( 'user_register', function ( $user_id ) {
    	bp_update_user_last_activity( $user_id, date( 'Y-m-d H:i:s', bp_core_current_time( true, 'timestamp' ) ) );
    } );

    David Cavins


    Hi @tsurf-

    That sounds like a big project. You’ll need to work with a knowledgable developer (or become one yourself) to solve it.

    David Cavins


    Hi @mon2-

    You’d have to write some custom code to add that functionality. (That’s beyond the scope of the support forum.) I’m guessing that you could add a WP Cron job that fetches old friendship requests and send the notifications again, but it would take some work on your part. You can see how the initial request email is sent here:

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 331 total)
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