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    David Cavins


    I think I finally understand what is going wrong here. If you pass a bad group object to bp_group_has_moderators() or don’t pass a group object and the global $groups_template->group isn’t set, this error can occur.

    If you’ve had this problem, can you please respond telling me what theme you’re using? Furthermore, look in your theme where bp_group_has_moderators() is called, and tell me if it’s being called with a $group argument (like bp_group_has_moderators( $group_object ) ) or without an argument (like bp_group_has_moderators() ).

    Do you also see an entry in your error log like the following or not?
    Trying to get property of non-object in /Users/dcavins/Sites/ on line 2576

    Thanks for your help,


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    David Cavins


    Hi @lawlyet

    If you’re up for helping to root out this problem, please add this debugging info as mentioned above:

    We’re closing in on the problem, I think. One more debug addition, this time to bp-core/bp-core-cache.php:

    Pastie is broken at the moment, but hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

    Thanks for you help with this!


    The log-in page is a WordPress page. There is a guide on how to customize it:

    The registration page is created by BuddyPress and can be modified in many ways. You’ll need to understand theme compatibility and overriding templates:

    Theme Compatibility & Template Files

    So you could create your own copy of buddypress/members/register.php in your theme to make big changes, or potentially hook into the action bp_before_register_page to just add some html to top of the BP page.

    Best of luck.

    Mail is complicated.

    BP provides unsubscribe functionality, so you maybe don’t need to do that anymore. BP Email sends html emails when possible.

    You might try filtering your messages in other ways. Have you read the “customizing emails” how-to? it includes an example of overriding the BP template so that the BP content is sent in your custom template.


    Have you set up your BuddyPress pages?

    Configure BuddyPress

    If “Activate” is not set up, then WP will redirect you to your site’s home page.

    I believe that there are conflicts between BP and Paid Memberships Pro. If you activate BP and deactivate Paid Memberships, does the page load?

    What does your debug log say?

    @djpaul: Nope. I’ve added lots of fwrite() statements to track behavior, but nothing in plugin form. Sorry.

    Hi @jmichaelp

    No, we’ve not solved it, because most of us can’t recreate the issue. If you are comfortable doing some troubleshooting, please run the various var_dumps and tracing code I’ve added further on up in this thread and let me know what you find. Or, grant me administrator access to your site via FTP for a short time when I’m able to dig into it myself.

    Thanks! We’d love to have access to a broken site to see what’s up.


    OK, maybe I could have administrator access to your site temporarily (or FTP access, whichever is easier for you)? You can find me on the buddypress channel in Slack, or email me at d_cavins76 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

    You can remove the other statements if you want. We know what they’re doing. πŸ™‚

    We’re closing in on the problem, I think. One more debug addition, this time to bp-core/bp-core-cache.php:


    Thanks again for your help troubleshooting. Can you add a couple of debug statements to the function prime_group_admins_mods_cache() in the same class? It looks like the cache item bp_group_mods is not being set properly; I’m trying to understand why that would be.

    Debug lines added here:,35


    @jeffwilliams-1 Not at all! If you’re feeling like chasing it down, give it a try. When your code change last time failed, it was probably because somewhere along the line, a < was encoded for the web as

    & l t ;

    so make sure that the changes to the file look visually like <?php


    Hi @jaumearagay &

    Thanks for posting the results of your testing. @jaumearagay, your results match what I expected. Can you try another test for me that checks the value after the foreach?

    Thanks for your patience as we figure this one out.



    Can you do the troubleshooting step requested above?



    Hi @jaumearagay-

    Unhappily, I’m not able to reproduce your problem on my servers. Can you test something for me in your environment where we know the problem exists? I’d like to know what the value of $group_mods is before it’s passed to the foreach in get_group_moderator_ids().

    I’ve added a var_dump() in this snippet:

    Please let me know what you find.



    Hi, you have to enable WP registration at Settings > General > Anyone Can Register:

    Hi r083r7-

    Within the same site, you could write a short code that would render the profile. Outputting profile data is pretty straightforward:

    One another site, I’m less sure. You’d need BP API or similar, which we’re just now writing.

    Check our Bowe Codes for some other useful short codes and examples for your own:

    I really have no idea, but checking the code base, that error is thrown when a field type supports options (like a dropdown or checkbox set) and the data posted at save is unpopulated or is not an array. If you’re familiar with the developer tools in Firefox or Chrome, visit that page and submit the form, then see what the $_POST payload looks like.

    Code reference:

    I can’t see what moving hosts would change here, but the internet is a fragile thing. πŸ™‚

    Hi isavarg-

    You’ll have to be logged out to see the registration or activation page, otherwise they redirect to the home page. Have you tried it while logged out?

    Since it’s theme specific, your best choice is to create a child theme and override that template part when you don’t want to see the image. (There are lots of conditional you can use, like is_buddypress() which returns true on a BP page.)

    It’s extremely unlikely that there will be a plugin that changes one aspect of a specific theme.

    Child themes:

    Hi Kineta-

    Your best bet is to start a new topic for support with your issue. In that topic, it would be helpful to know which version of bbPress you’re using, what version of BuddyPress you upgraded from (to 2.6.2) as well as the usual stuff.



    Visit a forum, like and scroll to the bottom of the topic list. The new topic form should be down there.

    wadece1979- You should start a new topic for your support request. In that topic, describe your WP setup (single site, multisite) and whether the problem persists if you use a different theme. Thanks!

    That’s the default behavior. If you’re not getting a list of matches, open your browser console to see what’s going wrong with the AJAX request that fetches the list of matches.

    Note that if you type the @ symbol, you won’t find matches, so just start typing the username or display name.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 123 total)
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