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  • Michael Eisenwasser


    Happy to help

    See a demo of the Wall in action at Login with guest / guest to test it for yourself.

    See a demo of the “Wall” at Log in with guest / guest to test it out for yourself!

    And yes, it combines all activity streams into one simple stream. No more @mentions.

    Please check out Our theme has a built in Facebook wall out of the box. It’s the real deal, much more Facebook-like than even

    Check out The theme has a built-in Facebook Wall. It doesn’t allow for picture uploads but it works just like a Facebook wall and you can add videos in via oEmbed. Full disclosure: I built that theme.

    @josh101. @mentions are confusing to 99% of users, for real. I have built lots of client sites and literally *every* client asks me WTF are @mentions. I tell them how it works and they say why doesn’t it just work like Facebook, and I pretty much have no response because I agree with them. Hence, :)

    I have long thought BuddyPress was confusing, and so I decided to take on the task of building a theme that would solve every issue I have with BuddyPress. It can be downloaded at

    1. Groups and Forums are combined in an INTUITIVE way on my theme. It finally makes sense!
    2. @mentions are gone. In their place is a TRUE Facebook wall on every profile. Post on friend’s profiles and status updates with threaded comments. You’ve got to try it to see how sweet it is :)
    3. Stripped out all of the nonsense that adds to BuddyPress’ general chaos, and what’s left is a simple and enjoyable experience.

    Try the BuddyBoss theme at It combines groups and forums in a way that is MUCH more intuitive than the default BuddyPress setup, no hacking required. I think a big issue with BuddyPress is that the layout of groups and forums is usually confusing to people. We’ve fixed that :)

    Here’s the answer! It has always frustrated me how @mentions work in BuddyPress as I find it chaotic and confusing for users. So I built a theme that converts the @mentions system into a TRUE Facebook wall with post to profile and threaded replies. If you every need to, at any time you can deactivate our Wall Component from the dashboard and your content will revert to @mentions, You can download the theme at

    Yes. The BuddyBoss theme at has a true Facebook-style wall built in. It converts @mentions into an intuitive wall posting system with threaded replies.

    I created a theme that comes with a true Facebook wall. It converts all @mentions into Wall posts that can be replied to and threaded on your profile and is extremely intuitive to use, and it makes use of some of the code in R-a-y’s plugin. You can get it at

    You might want to try the BuddyBoss theme at It has a built in Wall on user profiles. Images and video can be added via oEmbed for BuddyPress, and the wall functions like a true Facebook wall in terms of how the conversation flows. It converts @mentions into wall posts so the BP Gallery plugin could potentially be integrated if you know what you’re doing.

    “BuddyPress Auto Group Join” only kind of works. It requires that you have multi-site enabled for it to work.


    Please try upgrading to the newest version of the theme, which you can download at If you have an old version (from a week or two ago) there was a bug with this exact issue.

    You’ll still have the problem that the dropdown for the “Visit” menu at the upper right doesn’t have room, because the dropdown incorrectly aligns to the right side of the screen. Just scoot it over a bit to the left to make room…

    * html #wp-admin-bar ul li.align-right {
    right: 140px;

    Using this will completely fix the admin-bar in IE6, even when using fluid width.

    body {
    position: relative;
    * html #wp-admin-bar {
    position: absolute;
    * html #wp-admin-bar .padder {
    width: 100% !important;

    I think €100 is well worth it for a good plugin. If the plugin means I can save a lot of time and get the results I need immediately, then yeah I’ll happily pay. My time and frustration are worth money too. If he spends 20 hours developing a plugin and I buy it for €100, I think I just got a great deal!

    I find this JobBoardr plugin particularly interesting because we had a similar plugin written for our site, It’s a job hiring site for Americans to hire people in the Philippines as online workers. The big issue, as you’ve already discovered I’m sure, is how to separate the roles. We set up a custom field for workers and one for employers and made you pick your role on signup. The role is just a profile field you select on signup. Then on the site every function is dependent on which role you picked. Groups have been turned into jobs entirely. Employers can create groups and workers can apply to them. Another big issue we had was that employers always showed up in the search results. We wanted to display workers (members) and jobs (groups). No employers. So we had to get a custom plugin written (by the ever so talented R-a-y) to hide employers from search results.

    It’s interesting that you’ve set it up so that employers ARE groups and workers are members. Are your employers not also members? Do they have their own profile pages? How did you get this to work correctly?

    Here’s what you do:

    Install s2member, and then in s2member settings go to General Options > URI Access Restrictions. If you add /groups/ as a URI fragment, all URLs with /groups/ will be restricted to logged in users. If you add /groups/create/ then anyone can see groups but only logged in users can create new ones, etc. You can do the same thing with /activity/ and /forums/.

    I wrote up a really detailed article about integrating s2member and BuddyPress over here:

    That’s fantastic news! I can’t wait.

    I have it working in BP1.5.2 + WP3.0. However I cannot do a keyword search while also filtering by fields. it’s one search or the other. Does anyone know how to set that up correctly?

    I would be willing to contribute to it.

    @Paul Gibbs

    I would consider paying you to build it for, and we could package it and release it to the community as a plugin. We’d like to be able to filter members by rate, availability, etc., and we’d like to be able to perform boolean searches where you can search multiple filters at the same time. Any idea how long it would take and how much it would cost?

    Michael Eisenwasser


    Does anyone have a live site using this that we can take a look at? Please post. I’m going to try to implement it this week and I’ll share my results.

    Michael Eisenwasser


    Any progress? I’d like to do the same.

    Michael Eisenwasser


    I already figured it out, but thanks! Just so people know, this does work as expected. Make sure to upload both the mo and po files, and to use the bp-custom.php tip from r-a-y.

    Michael Eisenwasser


    To change the default “member” avatars, go to /wp-content/themes/bp-sn-parent/_inc/images/mystery-man.jpg

    Just override mystery-man.jpg with a new image of the same title.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 28 total)
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