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  • @boonebgorges sure. You don’t happen to have a patch for this? It is a pretty severe issue – as site links, written in ugly format, stop working. So, anybody upgrading to 1.5, with front page = Activity has a major problem. thanks!

    Thanks for responding @mercime. I found the cause. I reported a bug on Trac (3747).

    When Front page = a Static BuddyPress page (eg, Activity), the previews do not work, nor do ugly links inside pages test page

    When front page = Static Page (= a not BP Page), the previews work correctly, and also the ugly links inside pages test page

    When I select Front Page = Forums, I get a “This webpage has a redirect loop” error.

    I tested this on my installation, after deactivating all plugins and the default theme. I checked .htaccess, and it is correct.

    I reproduced this on a new WP 3.2.1. install, with BP 1.5.1. , on a separate domain.

    I also love some advice on cache plugins for buddypress, in particular how to configure W3TC. Strange that the W3TC plugin creator does not help out here. (Or have I missed that?)

    thanks mercime – I do not see the Load More on the default theme 1.5.1 . And, yes it worked before.

    Found the email template! It is part of the welcome-pack plugin. Now, trying to figure out how to turn HTML emails off and plain text email = on.

    Definitely published :)

    Thanks Boone. The ?page_id= ? does not work either. When I click on the link, or enter the URL into the browser address bar, it redirects to my home-page. Will do some more testing. Maybe related to my particular install.

    Here is how I upgraded to BuddyPress 1.5 beta 3 from BuddyPress 1.2.10
    1) I deactivate all BP plugins (BP remains active)
    2) I move old /buddypress/ (version 1.2.10) out of the folder /plugins/
    3) I move the folder /1.5-beta-3/ into /plugins/ and rename it to /buddypress/
    (the folder /1.5-beta-3/ results from unzipping the downloaded BP 1.5 beta file
    4) in admin/plugins I refresh the page
    On top of the plugin admin page I see a message that BuddyPress has been upgraded with an instruction to start upgrade wizard.
    5) I run the wizard
    6) I re-activate all BP plugins

    Now, testing :)

    Aha … thanks Paul. What do I do with the current /buddypress/ ? Rename or delete (and deactivate) prior to adding the new 1.5 version of /buddypress/? Also, should I deactivate all other BP plugins (that’s what is recommended for normal BP upgrades).

    Resolved. It was related to BuddyPress Multilingual plugin.

    Thanks Mercime. I also see that BP 1.3 is planned to provide “Basic profile privacy – hide from public / only friends”

    Great how BP is evolving!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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