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  • The problem is still existing. But croping an avatar for bp-group was working without any problem.

    I have removed the function for the custom header in function.php and implemented the header in my child style-css. But this isn’t a perfect solution, because i had to change the original function.php of the bp-default theme to get style-css excepting the new #header definition.

    You can use the plugin “BP Group Documents”. It is not exactly what you want, because you have to create a group and then this group includes an area named documents.

    With me it is the same problem. I can confirm. (WPMU + BP 1.2.1)

    @modemlopper Link is working well. Have checked it just now. But you have to use “Save as” with the right mouse button, otherwise it is opened as pdf but it is an origin zip-file.

    Till the modification theme is online at wordpress theme directory, you are able to download the “4 to 5 widget column child theme” here:

    Hi Anna2o, i will try to work on it this evening.

    [blockquote]I believe all these problems relate to when a user is *added* to a blog with higher than subscriber privileges. [/blockquote]

    Yes, this fits with my experience that blogs dissappear, when I changed the automatic configuration role for new users. With a new fresh WMPU and BP 2.1 – 2755 branch without any old data or upgrade it is working now.

    Okay, thanks for your fast reply.

    I have installed buddypress r2755 on a fresh WPMU and it works. Could add new users and also new blogs with success. All are listed in the blog directory and the blog functions in the admin bar working, too. It seems that for fresh WMPU installations the problem is solved, now.

    Thanks to Andy P.

    Hopefully there will be also a fix for the upgraders.

    I liked Modemlooper’s idea to have such separated widget home page. But i was interested in to have more columns.

    I have modified the theme with 4 up to 5 columns. The 5th column/ section is deactivated by default within the syle.css (display: none;) It is easy to remove this line and to modify the width-pixel sizes of the other columns if it is needed. I have sent the new theme to the wordpress theme directory. Don t know how long it will need for them to make it available.

    No, it isn’t the same! Because it happened to me with a fresh WPMU Installation+ BP 1.2 and new created blogs.

    For me and others it is a major bug and not a minor. With this bug BP 1.2 and WPMU isn t usable.

    Yes. Change it from 100 to 94%. With the bullets i am not sure, but i think there is a definition named list-style-type which has to be set to none in connection with the html-code ul or/and li .

    Change in your CSS File bestbuddy-1.css the following definition:

    ul.item-list {width: 94%;}

    As work around you can use the plugin widget “Mini Meta Widget”. You are able to set up direct links to the admin functions like post edit, add new post, manage media gallery etc. It is working where ever you can place a widget – of course normally the sidebar menu.

    I have “lost” my blogs (on fresh WPMU with BP 1.2) when I configured the settings for the user role of new registered users. New settings to other roles haven’t brought them back. I gave up after 3 fresh new installations with wpmu.

    Because i need only one group blog I decided to change to WP with BP 1.2 (without MU-function). But there the blog modification links aren’ t shown in the horizontal admin/user bar. Not for me as admin and also not to other users (authors, editors etc). As work around i am using now the plugin “Mini Meta Widget” which offers a menu directly to the different admin commands like “new post / edit post / manage media …” – but this is only a bad compromise.

    Modemlooper thanks for your great job. Theme is working well with me.

    But i am interested in including the activity feed in the first column. Do you have an easy solution for this – maybe within the widget.php? I don t know to script in php, only html and css.

    Thanks for your support.

Viewing 16 replies - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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