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  • chaoti started the forum topic article images in the group EventPress: 10 years, 10 months ago

    @kunalb Now we have some users who are “event creators”. They can do what event creators should do: They can create events. Map, registration… all work fine, but it isn’t possible to use the upload for the article images. They shouldn’t have enough rights for doing so… ? Do you have any idea?

  • @kunalb How can I make it so that anybody on a Buddypress installation can post events? Seems like a basic / critical feature for the Buddypress part of it.

    Thanks, 🙂


  • @kunalb Looking for some help, need some freelance work done let me know if you would be interested.


  • @kunalb Hi kunal Do you know when the next release of eventpress is? Also wondering if you do any freelancing?


    • @designnz Hi

      It’ll take some time—I’d been hoping to get something nice done by this Month’s end, but I realized I need another plugin before I can make the next version of eventpress. That plugin itself will take up July I guess, and _then_ I’ll return to refactoring and releasing a new version of eventpress.

  • imjscn posted a new activity comment 10 years, 11 months ago

    @kunalb, I got it by $data[] = (object)Array(….);
    Thanks again for your helping!

  • chaoti posted on the forum topic permissions in the group EventPress: 10 years, 11 months ago

    @kunalb O_o… the fault was located between my ears… all the time it works and I didn’t see it. It’s quite clear: A site admin who isn’t user of the main site can’t create events there. I forgot to make them to users. Sometimes it is so easy… Sorry for that.

  • imjscn posted an update 10 years, 11 months ago

    @kunalb I want to borrow your invitable ID query in registration.php , to get all objects saved in postmeta and then input it in kb-loop extends. but your data is in multi table, my data is all in one postmeta table. I tried this:$query = <<postmeta project_id
    LEFT JOIN $wpdb->postmeta height
    on height.post_id = project_id.post_id…
    [Read more]

    • @imjscn I had to construct a complete query because I needed the name from the bp profile table and wordpress’s user table. It might be simpler—and with automatic cache support via WP—to simply get the data using get_post_custom() [] which will return an object with all custom val…[Read more]

      • OMG, within 5 minutes, I got the $data nearly correct by the get_post_custom. Thanks!

        I first use a simple query to get all ID, then Foreach ID populate data by get_post_custom.

        So, each of your inviteable user is an object, each of mine is an array, need to convert. and since I use Foreach, the final result shows only one ID.

        If you have time,…[Read more]

      • @kunalb, I got it by $data[] = (object)Array(….);
        Thanks again for your helping!

  • imjscn posted an update in the group BuddyPress Custom Posts: 10 years, 12 months ago

    @kunalb , I want to create a meta box in view.php so that I don’t need to repeat it for each type. Data obtained from this meta box will be processed in a Class, then, create a function to replace bpcp_get_type_avatar.
    So, view.php and tags.php will need this Avatar Class, then, template files will also need this class to show the avatar.
    Where…[Read more]

    • As long as the function runs after plugins have loaded, you can create your own plugin and enable it and it should work fine.

    • Maybe you could add the file to the plugin itself and change the main bpcp.php file to include the class as required.

      • Thanks, kunalb! It’s as easy as a walk in the park —
        In view.php, if function exist ( mybox), add meta box….; this solved all type’s BP front;
        Then, in my plugin, add meta box (‘mybox’, …..’ep_event’ ); this solved the WP admin;
        All functions in my plugin hook up with bpcp functions nicely without including any file in bpcp.
        bpcp is powerful.

  • imjscn posted an update in the group EventPress: 11 years ago

    Hello, @kunalb
    I have BPCP and EventPress installed. Now I created several other post types, I want to make extends of KB_Loop (like you did in eventpress), do I need to copy kb-loop.php in other types’ View folder ? or WP can automatically recon the Class?

    • @imjscn As long as you have BPCP/EP activated and are only using the loop after all plugins have been loaded (which is almost certainly true as the loop will only be used by the time WP reaches the output generating stage—far after loading plugins), you don’t need to copy kb-loop.php.

    • That fantastic! Big Thanks!

  • chaoti posted on the forum topic permissions in the group EventPress: 11 years ago

    @kunalb That’s what I can see on dashboard:

    Events: Create new – Event tags – Event categories
    Registrations: Registrations – Create new

    No more…. nothing about permission… no new field anywhere…

  • chaoti posted on the forum topic permissions in the group EventPress: 11 years ago

    @kunalb Yes, I found in wp.php, but don’t know what to do with this part. There aren’t any settings for EventPress…^^

  • chaoti started the forum topic permissions in the group EventPress: 11 years ago

    Hello @kunalb The only user who can add events is the admin. Am I right or is there something I hadn’t seen? I am using buddypress with MU and would like to give all site admins permission to add events. What’s to do? – Greets

  • Erfanx1 posted an update 11 years ago

    @kunalb Slaam
    kunlab how are you????

  • ARHistoryHub posted on the forum topic Buddypress events in the group Creating & Extending: 11 years ago

    Would it be possible to give permission to create events to all Subscribers (new and old) ? I’d like to enable event creation by default for all logged in BP users. I’ve fiddled around with wp.php without any success… Any ideas? Thanks @kunalb! Looking forward to the next version!

  • bhattpankaj posted an update 11 years ago

    @kunalb Kunal, the Event Plugin is really g8, Can i modify the View Page, as i want all the details like, Location, Time, Date and Details in single page.

    Also, can the Location be divided in 3 section, Venue Name, Street, Area, City etc.. and adding Venue Contact No, Website can be added help.

    • @Bhattpankaj This won’t be that easy. You could have a look at controllers/wp.php and see the hooks I’ve used to save event meta data and add custom functions to those to save the additional details; website etc. Then you’d have to remove the default metabox for event meta details and add your own.

      By view page, do you mean the events directory…[Read more]

  • chaoti posted on the forum topic Search-Bug? in the group EventPress: 11 years ago

    @kunalb Thx, it works. 🙂

  • webmystery posted on the forum topic eventpress question in the group Miscellaneous: 11 years ago

    @kunalb Thanks for this great plugin. I want to override the orange color for .ep-event-details specified in First I put the class in my child theme style.css. This didn’t work until I disabled by renaming it to I’m now trying what you are saying above, and I want to make sure that I […]

  • imjscn posted an update 11 years ago

    @kunalb Thanks! This is the best guide I need! Enough food to digest 🙂
    Initially I thought of independant plugin, but very difficult to sort out solution of displaying “Most Popular”, “Most voted”…for each type alone. Then, I studied registrations, felt it’s the way to go, but didn’t know how. Now I got the idea.
    Thanks so much for your time…[Read more]

  • imjscn posted an update in the group BuddyPress Custom Posts: 11 years ago

    @kunalb , I’m planning to make a rating sytem for all my Custom Post Types. I have no idea how this can be structured and intergraded into each types, need your suggestion. Should I make this rating system an independant plugin and save votes into other type’s metabox, or I make a rating model inside each type? If either way can do, which way is…[Read more]

    • I’d suggest making an independent plugin for this—how I would go about doing this would be to save the ratings in the post’s meta-data, and create custom template tags to display/set the ratings.

      This will completely independent of the actual post type of a post—so making a rating system within each post type will just involve repeating you…[Read more]

  • imjscn posted an update 11 years, 1 month ago

    @kunalb @kunalb, thanks for your suggestion!
    I surely not going to try it after reading your comment. I thought it was just a setting and templating. Now I see it has more beyond my ability.
    I can only learn and try modifying existing codes, without example, I am out of posibility 🙂
    So, I wait for your next release.

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