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  • thanks alot!!! :-)

    HELLO??? This is pretty bad! Does someone have a fix for this (even a temporary…)? @apeatling

    I have news from the forum at, that on monday a simple-chat-plugin should be released as a free plugin. Hopefully :-)!

    Same with me after upgrade to
    WPMU 2.9.2.
    Please help ( @andy)?

    I just read that post for arrowchat:
    Seems, that there is Buddypress integration. Did somebody try it already? Is there a demo?
    Would be great to have some further information!!!

    Ok, I think I found out now. Thanks @hnla for pointing me in the right direction.
    I just copied your code an the ” were wrong – so the code didn’t work

    Here is what works now with the widget-logic-plugin in my install:

    bp_is_group() && ‘myGroupSlug’ == bp_current_item()

    It just works :-) No idea if it should ;-) – but I am happy for now!

    Thanks again.

    1. As I said, I cannot answer the “question” if wrapping up the functions-code would work – no idea… :-(
    2. It should work only on ONE page (there one special widget should be shown). With the widget-logic-plugin I can limit a widget with conditionals like bp_is_group().

    My question is, what piece of code do I have to put in there?
    And: The actual group name? Really? Like: O2 PRAY!Netw├Ârk?

    Sorry, maybe it’ is hard to explain this to me…

    @hnla – sounds good! As I said, I am no programmer…
    Can you tell me, for this is code for a template-file, what part I would have to put in the widget-logic widget (for with this code above it doesn’t seem to work there…)?
    And the MyGroupName: is that the slug, or the actual name or the ID?
    Thanks alot for your help!

    Thanks for trying! So I guess it seems that bp_is_group() doesn’t have additional information (is that correct, @apeatling?)…
    Could you give me an example for the code that needs to go in the functions.php (of the theme, right?)? (sorry, I am no programmer…)

    PS: I think it is also interesting, that now has a huge spam-problem too… Andy always mentioned, that it was ok… but it seems not anymore…

    Hashcash 4.5.1. doesn’t work for me anymore… I had almost none spam-signups with the old version, but now there are alot! Maybe I will try the proxy-method mentioned above… (it seems, that it never is over… I thought I found a solution, but now I am flooded again :-()

    To me (or for our Users) the Ajax-Chat is too much and too complicated (too man options). We would not need the full chat, only the little one. Group chat would Be great and showing in a simple way who is online… That would just be enough. No buddYbar-stuff, etc… To us, less would be more… So we are still waiting :)

    @andy: great! Really awaiting to use this plugin… Hopefully it will work nicely with notification (as mentioned above without making the users crazy :-)), because both plugins are very important for my platforms!

    I think this is a bug: In the buddybar the submenu for album links wrong, when I am not on my profile…

    Just checked it out. REALLY NICE! Simple, clean, great!! Thanks alot!

    PS: Where can I send the german translation to? :-)

    WOW – can’t wait to test and translate :-)

    @Xevo I like the Tour-Plugin idea very much! GREAT idea!!!

    Yes it is sitewide and I think it is good that they finally go to the register-slug. But maybe the sitewide/ Not-sitewide Option is an answer… I guess after all, it is not too important. Thx for your efforts!

    Hi Erich,

    i don’t think it has something to do with that Ticket…

    In my Case ALL the old group-activity does not show anymore… ( i had at last Forums disabled)

    The Strange thing to me is, that I seem to be the only one experiencing this, although it happens on two total different setups. They only have in common, that both were setup in the very early stages of BP…

    Yes, but Why doesnt it Show everywhere just the Custom BP slug (As on rootblog)? Why the redirection?

    To make it clear (excuse my english):


    instead of:


    YEP – agree: Great job so far. Really looking forward to this!

    Still no updates/suggestions on this???

    Yes – I did it once in a similar way by removing it with css…

    Thanks – you are very helpful! :-)

    Do you know WHY it is important, that in Subblogs the wp-signup.php instead of the register-slug is called?

    is that a stupid question (I am not sure myself), but maybe someone could assure me of it :-)

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 351 total)
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