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  • any update/info on how to go about getting mutual friends when i see a user’s profile?

    @r-a-y @kateM82 what you guys suggested for “favoriting” posts from across a network worked great… but it doenst hold good with bp 1.5 beta 2… i still have the same code in bp-custom.php in the plugins folder… and i still have the same code in single.php… when i mouseover the link it does show me a “post id”… so thats not the problem.. and it does say… …. so what then is the problem!? Could it be that in 1.5 beta 2… u have to assign a “page” for activity… and thats why its not working right?

    @jillsays max i got to was to favorite posts across a network:

    but thats still not how to favorite comments users leave… will try and if i come across something, will let u know.

    @r-a-y… any news on when the bb-press activation is going to be coming in… in many ways it seems like its that las big missing piece of the puzzle… and all the others can come in later… ofcourse, dont forget the privacy plugin..

    am lost here… has anyone found a way to do this: integrating intensedebate with buddypress

    and what about intensedebate… does that sync up properly with buddypress

    ok… so finally…. does the intensedebate plugin work with buddypress? if so… are there any steps to go through?

    @jillsays i know its been more than a year that you inquired about having the ability to favorites on comments posted… did you have any luck with this?

    any update on getting the “number of favorites” to appear next to the favorite now button… ps, thanks r-a-y for making this happen!

    what a terrible way of looking at things! no one uses a plugin just cause its free… thats NOT A REASON TO USE THE PLUGIN…. i think you need to figure out if the plugin will work for you… and then pay for it. As for me… i wanted each of my members to create multiple “galleries” with any number of photos within it… and for this bp-gallery was the best solution. period. ….. and now, till bp album+ does the same thing… as far as i am concerned, for my need… end of discussion.

    @enderandrew i have personally used 15 or so… but dont think it should matter how many u have in there..

    what about WP Activate… i feel its slightly buggy with buddypress, but it does the job… problem is sometimes… if the refresh button is pressed multiple times on the user account confirmation screen… then the user gets created multiple times … but if u approve him once in wp activate.. the user doesnt go away… he still remains.. check it out though.

    @ARHistoryHub thanks so much for that code!! was searching for it all over the place… but found it here. i changed it a little bit so that a default message is showcased on a users public profile to other visitors if there hasnt been any activity…


    @DoctorDR yup… hope it works for you. I am trying out another improvement, will let u know if that works out too…

    @nicholmikey… thanks for the help on cubepoints implementation…

    @LPH2005 in a post of yours, you seemed to suggest that it is possible to create a universal forum by making changes to a couple of files: loop and forums/index… could you please put out the code once again what needs to be done… would be very very much appreicated.

    @DJPAUL you said in a post “I suggest you disable group forums until the bridge has been built”… could u please let us know how to disable group forums… cause i cant seem to find it?


    hello everyone.. found a solution to this.. so thought i’d share it here too.. (i’m posting this in all the different threads out there about the same topic)

    If you want a custom set of pics to replace the default buddypress avatars and be assigned by random to members… here goes:


    @enderandrew…. hey guys.. i think i found something that should work. If you want a custom set of pics to replace the default buddypress avatars and be assigned by random to members… here goes:

    @DoctorDR looks like i’ve found the solution… and i hope everyone out there will find this helpful too.
    Problem Statement: I wanted to have a custom set of 10-15 avatars uploaded into a folder, and buddypress would have to pick from any one of these to assign to members(on random) everytime then login if they havent uploaded their pwn profile pic.
    Why: Lets say am on the members page, and everyone is displayed over there.. we can get different custom pics rather than just one custom pic.
    Step#1: Change the settings to “mystery man” in your buddypress backend.
    Step#2: Upload pics into a folder in your child theme (i uploaded them into wp-content/themes/default/images/avatars/ ).. my theme name is : default, and in it i made a folder for images, and once again another folder called avatars. now… within avatars i put in 10 pics named the following “1avatar.png”, “2avatar.png”, “3avatar.png”… and so on… till “9avatar.png”
    and lastly…
    Step #3: Paste the following code in your functions.php child theme (taken from a combination of other sources)

    `function myavatar_add_default_avatar( $url )
    for ($p = 0; $p < $length; $p++) {
    $string .= $characters[mt_rand(0, strlen($characters))];

    return get_stylesheet_directory_uri() .’/images/avatars/’.$string.’avatar.png’;
    add_filter( ‘bp_core_mysteryman_src’, ‘myavatar_add_default_avatar’ );`

    and thats it… give it a shot… worked great for me! i hope this helps others too cause i saw a lot of people asking for this to no avail…

    i too have been searchin for this since some time now… why is this so hard… cannot believe this has not been addressed by anyone thus far.

    @DoctorDR thanks for the message… will try and do something, and if something works out, will let you know

    sorry to bump guys… but any idea on this at all? creating a custom “set” of avatar pics… (about 5-6 pics which are given by random to different members who havent uploaded their own pics)

    any progress? would love to see whats been done and test it out to see if we can use it… really looking forward to this.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 45 total)
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