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  • @esploded – thanks for sharing that info – can you tell us more about your hosting solution? Are you on a linux or windows server and specifically are you using Apache or IIS. You can ask your host.

    In my reading I’ve found some guides that might help with that depending on what you have handling your http requests.

    Damn the Purple Dynamite, I mentioned myself instead of @alfredojp in my post above ^ and I can’t edit it :(

    @Stigmartyr – no need to thank me, Paul did the heavy lifting.

    I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think that any tables get created when a new group is made, rather the existing tables are populated. Usually any tables to be are created are done initially when the mod is first installed.

    If you’re trying to add more fields to the group profile like Paul said: you probably want to make a plugin that does this. Unfortunately like you I’m merely dangerous with php.

    This should help you with understanding the admin bar function:

    If your query is written correctly and your db user has permission to write it should work to your detriment. :D

    Hey buddy – I was running into permalink issues and learned that there are good and bad ways to go about it. I’d suggest reading this article to make your final decision:

    If you’re wondering I decided to use: /%category%/%postname%

    As far as patching the current official release you’ll need to find the code replacements and manually apply them to the appropriate files. The lines to be replaced are highlighted in red and the patch code is highlighted in green.

    NP :) Just got propositioned by another one today:

    Im flattered honestly but ehhh, I have enough kids lol

    Did you two copy the bp-themes/bp-default/blogs folder to your custom themes?

    I just found this thread again and thanks to myself for fixing my problem AGAIN. I updated my theme again and laughed at how quickly I forget lol

    Editing the language file will help you change the displayed text.

    If you want to remove something DJPaul just shared a method with us here:

    There is also a style sheet hack that I used, it’s posted here:

    In IIS Manager, go to the virtual directory and click right / properties, there you can go to the documents tabs and set up the “enable default content page” to index.php

    IMHO Apache runs circles around IIS, on our win2k8 server we’re running apache and php instead.

    This article might also help you translate .htaccess to an IIS webconfig, too (if needed) :

    As an M$ engineer IIS is not something I would rather rely on for production sites unless you have M$’s budget to just throw more servers at the load and be able to deal with a few coming off the rails while you sort things out (yes even in IIS7). That’s why I’m a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) admin when it comes to things I own and care about.

    If you’re not planning to be working with ASP or need active directory integration with desktop PCs, and that sort of thing there’s no need for it. I say let WordPress run on it’s native environment.

    Does that code replace the previous default or is that in addition to the code?

    Sounds like the search feature is designed to query things one way, maybe the search needs to be modified too?. Does this issue match anything reported in the bug database for Buddypress?

    I’m stabbing in the dark here.

    If you want to change the actual names of the links, I did this by editing the language .pot file

    But I’m not sure if that is the recommended method. I wanted to change My Blogs to My Sites:

    For 1.2.9, translate the po file from buddypress/bp-languages directory.
    Save the translation as [if your local is en_US) else in the bp-languages directory and you will be done.

    Poedit is a great tool for translation.

    That’s incredible mercime – thanks for letting me know. Sry I hadn’t seen this til now.

    Would be awesome!

    If you try the group hierarchy mod perhaps so.. but each forum would belong to the subgroup. So that might not help you.

    There’s also this plugin for stand alone forums:

    I know it’s not the answer you might have wanted but it’s something to work with. The way BuddyPress is designed the forum is the official discussion board for a specific group. I visualize them as interest groups so having more than one forum per group breaks their identity IMHO.

    The way the main forums works, its like a post-scanner for all group forums so you would end up with something more confusing to the end user who’s seeing:


    There is no section that prints the forum itself just the group. However you could try instead just using different groups so its like:

    TOPIC | POSTER | Group-a
    TOPIC | POSTER | Group-b
    TOPIC | POSTER | Group-c

    I recommend the Group Hierarchy mod then the parent group owner can still more or less control everything.

    Answer to my question:

    It is already My sites in BuddyPress 1.5.

    For 1.2.9, translate the po file from buddypress/bp-languages directory.
    Save the translation as [if your local is en_US) else in the bp-languages directory and you will be done.

    Poedit is a great tool for translation.

    Thanks @brajesh

    I’m just guessing here but it’s possible something to do with how permalinks are setup?

    What is your permalink structure? I dont have this issue on my BuddyPress 1.2.9 site.

    Which version are you using of BP and WP?

    If you mean reply to PM thread via email (like facebook) I don’t think that feature is available in BP.

    You have to bear in mind that each person’s site/host might handle mail routing differently and so I think that this would have to be a custom mod. If the BP team could do it, I’m guessing there would be a lot of user customizing to do depending on how their domains handled mail.

    Compiling FB friends emails:

    Haven’t tested it myself yet, but good luck.

    Good mod modemlooper posted there and I use it too. I think it’s got some premium features for Yahoo integration too etc…

    I’ve found one service that can compile all your friends emails from facebook and once you have that list you can do what you like with it. ;)

    You can always create an event page on FB, invite all your friends there and in the event page you post your website URL inviting them to your site I guess..

    @r-a-y – you were absolutely right and I have to apologize for a great deal of my frustration here was relieved when sometime around 5am this morning I changed my google search parameters and stumbled upon the BP ticket trac thing you posted above.

    I found Boones fix and applied it. Then I had to also update the permalinks.php file in my custom theme folder as well and it worked.

    So I want to thank you and the team for being on top of things as it’s quite clear once I found that ticket queue that people are actively working bugs.

    When users come looking for support on the site though the first place they look and land is here and it looked like there was no responses for ages. I’ll be sure to hang around and help others as best I can too.


    p.s. I noticed tonight that this issue is occuring with private groups in particular. If I make them public all the activity posts on the page vanish but new activity posts are working when clicking the ‘view’ link. When I change it back to private all the previous posts show up again but the View Thread / Permalink URL is broken again.

    I found this ticket opened earlier this year for what sounds like the same kind of issue but it was closed. I can definitely reproduce it at will:

    Wait wait wait – why are you deleting buddypress? I dont’ understand.

    Either way if you follow the instructions to create a new forum then you are able to see your forums and click Post New Topic then you’re doing it right so far.

    If you’re getting that bug there is a fix that seems to work for me, I found it on the site:

    You have to go to group admin settings where you turn on/off forums for that group.

    You need to check/un-check the box a few times to ‘massage’ the form into actually tuning it on. Yes I know it sounds retarded but it’s true. You click and unclick that selection box about 4 times and then save. You should be good to go.

    p.s. This guy sounds like he’s having a similar issue but not sure if it means anything to your issue:

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 66 total)
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