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  • tengwah


    I added that to my stylesheet, it did nothing, couldnt figure what I was doing wrong, I tried different ways of entering this, it is more difficult to get detailed explanations for doing css than it is to do css. I gave up and started to do something else for a while.

    I read another post somewhere else to try and get the ‘header search bar removed’, none of the css lines I added to my child theme files for this worked to change that either,

    Then I found a post that said its easy to just add header.php to child theme, and remove lines 29-39 to remove the search bar, I did this and it worked….

    Then I was trying to remove the html tags from comment box again and when i was in the style.css I added the line you gave me and it actually worked now. The only thing that was different this time, is that there was a line I had put into the style.css earlier for removing the header search bar and I had left it in there even though it didnt work,

    because only using the other fix of removing the lines made it go away, and when I remove the css entry #header.. the search bar is still gone, so I removed the css line for that from the stylesheet…

    This made the tags appear on the comment box again! ? The search bar was still gone when i removed the line, but the tags appeared, and disapear again when i add that line again ontop, see below..


    #header #search-form { display: none; } <———————
    #commentform p.form-allowed-tags { display: none; }

    I tried having a blank space between @import and #commentform, and having them one after the other, neither work, it only works when the #header line is present, why is that? How am I supposed to enter the line you gave me, properly, to make it work without using this Bogus line above it to make it work? Thanks.



    I just found on the Show Options drop down menu, on the Appearance>editor page, a link…

    Just one quick look at that and I see a picture with a folder tree, and I now assume that I am suppossed to be creating this child theme folder inside my wordpress installation folder. Unfortunately I never saw anything simply writting that anywhere.

    That was the key thing I was missing here I guess, the whole time I was looking around inside wordpress application for something, when its in the ‘Installation’ files id say.

    I think they could have just written that somewhere. Obviously Its not really obvious.



    Thanks for replying, I still have a problem, because I have found that link already, and read through it but I still cant find how to create a child theme.
    On that site, in that document it says…

    Let’s Start Building!

    The bp-default theme is located in the BuddyPress plugin folder at /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/ so it can be updated along with the plugin. WordPress knows where it is, even though your own child theme folder is in /wp-content/themes/.

    A. Create a new theme folder

    The first step is to create a new theme folder and give it a unique name. For this example, the theme is called “BuddyPress Dusk” and so we’ll name our folder bp-dusk. We’ll be uploading the bp-dusk child theme folder to wp-content/themes/.

    (that is the first instructional step) This doesnt make sense to me, cause I dont know where I should be and how to do this…this is what I am asking for help with. I cant find anything that actually tells me how you start to create a child theme.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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