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  • join the , by submitting patches? no thanks!other contribution doesn’t seem to be accepted!it’s like dictatorship not opensource !

    the only solution is to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. watch me building the alternative ! :) cuz this is a dead end ,no organization at all! I mean it’s sad ,it looked promising in the beginning.

    I have a client requesting to upgrade his site , otherwise I use frameworks like cakephp and build apps in hours, now I have to spend days figuring out what what is in a theme. and try not to puke while working on the fugly default.

    the problem is the one who makes decisions about the project!there has to be someone? like a project leader? ,my advice to you guys , replace him, immediately !

    sorry , it’s my honest opinion!

    good luck with what ever !!


    <?php if(!empty($data)) :?>


    in case you want to add more then one social icon!

    p.s i mean you have to replace bp_directory_members_search_form() with the new function in your theme directory files.

    ok I’ve made something really fast for you….

    0.1 place this function into your functions file at the end of the closing php tag ” ?> ” !

    function uloga_directory_search_form( $directory ) {
    global $bp;
    $form_id = ‘search-‘ . $directory . ‘-form’;
    $input_id = $directory . ‘_sarch’;
    $submit_id = $directory . ‘_search_submit’;

    $search_value = __( ‘Search ‘ . $directory, ‘buddypress’ );
    if ( !empty( $_REQUEST ) )
    $search_value = $_REQUEST;

    <form action="" method="get" id="”>

    <input type="submit" id="” name=”groups_search_submit” value=”” />



    0.2 now you have to change the bp_directory_members_search_form() function with uloga_directory_search_form( $directory ) ,replace $directory for example with “Members”
    or “Groups” ,etc.

    Why not put a link that says ” job board ” ,since nothing else is working here,that way you will not have unnecessary duplicated forum post. organization at is BAH since Andy has left.

    I don’t think it will work with BP ..why don’t you try bbPress :)


    global $bp;
    $data = bp_get_profile_field_data(‘field=Country’);
    $user_status = is_user_logged_in() ;
    $add_data_link = $bp->loggedin_user->domain . ‘/profile/edit/group/1’;

    <?php echo '‘. ‘Add Your Coutnry’.’‘; ?>


    Make sure that you change the link in $add_data_link at the end … you can check out the slug and see in what group is the Country field located …

    Site maintenance for 10 days .Are you serious?It’s to buggy and nothing seems to work.
    If you need help. I’dd like to help.

    solved! :)

    I get duplicated content as well while creating groups and posting in groups,it creates duplicated groups with duplicated admins for-each group ,also there seem to be problems with gravatars…
    it’s on fresh wp 3.1.3 and latest BP install.

    I think the user role that is set in the theme itself is cousing this issue.
    you can see in this link below that you need an extended licence for use in WPMU

    if you have a extended licence then you should contact the author and ask there for help.
    Good Luck :)

    it’s not ,sorry,friend of my @ work told me his sure, but I’ve just checked the code and run some tests to be sure and came to conclusion they are not using bp or wp.

    when you’re not sure if the site is using wp or bp you can test it by :
    if you’re logged in and try to post something(comment or activity update), before you post it , open the same link in another tab ,then logout there and then go back to the first tab and hit post,it will show you the standard wp error ”are you sure you want to do this”

    another one is : you can check out the upload directory which in most cases is wp-content/uploads … (avtars, etz.)
    So Mashable is definitely not using WP OR BP.
    sorry :)

    looks good ,nice and clean,good job :)

    -1 for theme options.

    @Paul Gibbs who? Top Man! haha :)

    sure, no problem :)

    @John James Jacoby
    I need to check into that.I believe I am.
    what about default theme?? can some of us start developing some examples then you guys can pick the best one :)

    2. for example ,if you set your profile as : just friends, then you have control of your activity stream and anything posted on your wall.
    if your friends spam you, you just remove them from friends.
    simple as that.
    also users must have a option that allow them to mark as spam or delete spam. it works on FB.

    1.better looking default theme( I’m willing to contribute a minimalist theme with an awesome option panel )
    2.privacy settings( may help prevent spam )
    3.activity stream on profile pages should have better order like (if I’m looking at my profile first thing I should see is my friends activity) also re-share on activity and post to wall as fb would be cool
    4.forums not attached to groups

    Sorry,haven’t seen your response since there are no notifications on activity updates.
    As I said before,I really don’t have time to go into details ,I’ll share this theme @ soon as I finish the framework I’m working on..

    Hi, this is really simple to build.

    1. you need to have post thumbnail for each video post that you add.
    2. you can then create a category with an name for example ” hip hop “.
    3. every time you add a hip hop video post, you need to select the hip hop as category for that post.

    now you need to modify you’r archive.php file so that it accepts post thumbnails,here is an example ….

    <div id="content">
    <div class="padder">
    <div class="page" id="blog-archives">
    <h3 class="my-title"></h3>
    <div class=&quot;post&quot; id=&quot;post-">
    <div class="post-content">
    if (
    function_exists('the_post_thumbnail') &&
    current_theme_supports("post-thumbnails") &&
    ) :
    <a href=&quot;" title="">
    <h2 class="posttitle"><a href=&quot;" rel="bookmark" title=" "></a></h2>
    <h2 class="center"></h2>
    <div id="clear"></div>
    <div class="navigation">
    <div class="alignright"></div>
    <div class="alignleft"></div>
    </div><!-- .padder -->
    </div><!-- #content -->

    now all you need to do is style it and create a link that links to your category,in your case it would be something like

    I hope this helps.Sorry but I really don’t have much time at this moment to go into details,I’m working on a brand new community for lovethistune,soon as I finish it then I’ll post this theme with the theme framework that I’m also currently working on for download at

    LTT’S Current theme is for BP testing only. is definitely coolest site for getting some BP inspiration, didn’t know about this site…

    @mercime ,thanks for sharing :)

    you can check out gallery group for some site examples.

    If you want to help grow the WP AND BP community’s then you can do so by developing and sharing your own plugins or’re not helping if you rip off others,
    it doesn’t mean if it’s GPL that everything should be free.In my opinion all those premium services are helping the grow of WP and BP that’s also a small part why WP has become so popular and if there are more such services for BP then BP will grow as well.

    if you’re not a developer or designer but still want to help then you can help by donating to people like Paul or Andrea_r.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 59 total)
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