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404 errors on all links

  • barry-o-brien


    I’ve just installed buddypress on a home server php5 / mysql5 but all links run to 404 errors, I’ve installed it using wordpress 3 can anyone help?

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  • shablon


    +1 to this one.



    What WP/MU version are you using? Which theme are you using? In other words, help us help you



    wordpress 3 and the standard buddypress template

    +1 same here
    wp3.0 – mutisite enabled – no plugins (except buddypress 1.2.5) – Buddypress default theme

    edit: I have several installs on same host running similar setup except using bp 1.2.4 with no problems (well, not this one anyways)



    Is Buddy press working or is it better to use another forum plugin – I too have a 404 error on all pages even though all the setup pages and links worked and it says ll is fine – I notice there have been no replies to this problem and the last post was 5days ago so am not sure now if it is worth havign buddy press installed or perhaps can you install buddy press as a totally separate entuty away from your WP site?

    I have worked hard to get my memberhsip site setup and really NEEED a forum ASAP

    wp3.0 – mutisite enabled – no plugins (except buddypress 1.2.5) – Buddypress default theme

    URL not found on all links here too.

    Running on personal ubuntu lamp install, WP3 fresh install, Buddypress default theme.

    Followed the install and selected a different permalink option and nothing seems to work.

    What are we missing here??



    Got the same problem. didn’t had any problems with older WP installs.
    Now i’ve got :
    Fresh wp3.0 install
    Activated Network (MU environment)
    Installed BuddyPress via automatic plugin search function.

    And now i’ve got 404’s on allmost all links :
    the about section is working perfectly …

    Any news on this issue?

    Firstly It’s better if people didn’t piggyback (hijack / resurrect) old threads, it appears to make sense when one finds a thread that mirrors ones own issue but is not generally considered best practice.

    Secondly scroll back up to mercims post and the link to the sort of detail you might need to provide the community in order that accurate help may be offered.

    To the issue it strikes me that you haven’t possibly? completed all steps to enable MS (Multi Sites) if the answer to that is ‘Not sure’ then likely you haven’t and it may be wise to read through the steps outlined in the WP codex:

    I notice that your site is running as a sub domain this will likely be an issue if trying to run blogs as sub domains.

    You might want to check that you have and can write to the .htaccess file (can you change the permalink structure from the backend and have it report success or a message that it can’t update the file)



    you were right.
    I installed it on one of our old windows servers where .htaccess didnt work.
    Now i installed it on one of our new servers and the problem is fixed now.

    Good stuff, Windows is an issue re mod_rewrite and .htaccess but isapi_rewrite does work well but you have to pay a license fee or use the lite version :)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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