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Anoying: Visiting main page will redirect to register page!

  • mixali


    Hi all,
    I did not find any previus thread about this problem, so here I go.

    I have a Network install WP (3.5.1) with only BuddyPress (1.7.2) and bbPress (2.3.2) activated. The funny thing is: when someone visits the site, it will not remain in the main page but redirect to the register page!

    It would be really anoying for new visitors/users and it is even happening though I disabled register.

    How can I fix this bug?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Henry


    As far as I am aware this isn’t default behaviour of BuddyPress or bbPress so it would seem you have a rogue redirect in place somewhere which is resulting in users being taken to the register page. Places to check for the redirect are:

    1. .htaccess
    2. Any plugins you’ve installed
    3. Any custom code you’ve added

    I’d start by deactivating every plugin (aside from BuddyPress), remove any custom coding you have in place, use the default theme and then see if the problem is resolved.



    Thanks, however I do not have any other modification;

    1. .htaccess is the original excluding the changes for the Network Install.
    2. Other plugings beside BuddyPress and bbPress are deactivated. Even tried without bbPress and the efect is the same.
    3. No custom code.

    I saw that if I delete the cookies regarding the website, visiting it will not produce this efect, but once loged in and out, visiting the site will take you to the register page.
    Still very anoying..



    What theme are you using? Try changing to BP Default or Twenty Twelve theme. As Henry mentioned above, that is not default behavior of a clean BP installation.



    Sorry not to mention it; I am using BuddyPress default Theme 🙁



    I reinstalled WordPress (imported post, pages and forums) and it seems to be displaying right for each visit at the website!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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