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BP multi site

  • Shawn Gossman


    I want to create a BP powered site and use multisite as well however, i need to know… If I enable multisite, will that make it where my BP users can have their own blog or will it allow them to make their own entire BP community? I only want one BP community (for the niche brand) but allow blogs so I am hoping that is what it does and not basically creates a BP community host…!?

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  • techguy


    It does what you want. It does not create a bunch of individual BuddyPress sites (which many other people really want). The MU just enables people to create blogs and for the username to be used across all the blogs and the stream can take in information from those blogs.

    I also have a MU site where members can have their own blogs, without BuddyPress, but I don’t want the member blogs to have the BuddyPress Widgets showing in their admin. When BuddyPress is enabled it places the Members, Group, and Avatar widgets into the member blog admin. How do I disable this funtion?

    Shawn Gossman


    Thank you techguy!

    @techguy trying to figure out if I fall into the “many other people” category..

    I have one install of WordPress MU with 3 blogs, one for each of my 3 domains (,, Username and passwords are shared across all 3 domains.

    I want to add Buddypress. How would that work? A single Buddypress site (ie. a shared list of all groups) or would the domains be segmented somehow (ie. would only see groups for I don’t see any options to control the behavior.

    Regardless of how you are using multisite, if you enable BuddyPress on one of those sites, it will be active across the entire network*. There is no segration of content.

    *It is possible to force it to run only on one site, but you can still only run one BuddyPress site per WordPress installation (at the moment).

    Thanks Paul.

    Paul, I would like to know how to force my WordPress installation to run BuddyPress on only the Super Admin site, and not the member blogs. Could you guide me through the process. Thanks.


    Set which blog ID BuddyPress will run on – in your wp-config.php file add this

    `define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, $blog_id );`

    where $blog_id is replaced with Site Admin’s blog ID #

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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