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Buddypress default theme not showing Events

  • Buddypress
    Wordpress 3.3.1
    Events Manager 5.0.50

    I’ve worked out that if I de-activate the plug-in, my events show fine, but my members list doesn’t show. If I activate the plug-in, then the events don’t show, and the members list works. Where do I need to start looking? Or will the plug-in get updated by buddypress?

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  • You’re best to contact the authors of the Events Manager plugin and ask for support. I don’t know if they provide support here, or over on, or somewhere else.

    Events work fine without Buddypress, so am tending to lean towards buddypress being the issue?



    @gobbleoff – does buddypress work without the events plugin active?
    If it does, you will need to contact the plugin developer. It’s the plugin’s job to set up the ‘relationship’ between the plugin and buddypress.

    You can contact them on their website – (they have been quite fast in responding too.)

    Though, if it helps – events manager 5.0.50 seems to work fine on my bp install.

    @ Chris, which theme are you using? Without buddypress, all themes work ok, and events work etc etc, as soon as I activate buddypress, the theme doesn’t show Events Manager.

    I’ll put it up on EM forums, but I reckon they’ll point back to buddypress. Just a gut feeling



    I’m using a custom-designed theme.

    If you think it might be a theme issue, have you tried reverting back to bp-default theme? Oh, and have you double checked Event managers settings to ensure their okay?

    EDIT: Also, try creating a single-event.php file with a basic posts loop in it, and make sure your “event pages” in events/settings/pages is set to ‘posts’.

    I only changed the header image in the theme, and it was all working ok up until a couple of days ago. I understand EM has been updated, but EM works fine when BP isn’t activated. When it is activated, BP theme won’t show events.

    I’ve turned up debugging to see where it leads, will post up something tomorrow hopefully.

    I’ve turned debugging on, and nothing has shown up. As it goes, the site has no other plugins apart from EM and BP running. If you have a look at you’ll see what it does. The EM guys are giving me options, but if you have a look, it just loops back to the main page, it shows Members, but no Events. The events menu is linked back to the events page, but the buddypress theme doesn’t work with it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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