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BuddyPress External Group Blogs Plugin

  • Profile photo of Andy Peatling
    Andy Peatling


    Just released my first major plugin: BuddyPress External Group Blogs

    “Give group creators and administrators on your BuddyPress install the ability to attach external blog RSS feeds to groups.

    Blog posts will appear newest first, regardless of the blog in an easy to use browser with AJAX pagination.

    New posts on external blogs will be displayed on the group and new posts will appear on the group and site wide activity stream.

    Built using the new group extension API in BuddyPress 1.1″

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  • Profile photo of John James Jacoby
    John James Jacoby


    I could be wrong, but this is technically your second major plugin. ;)

    Profile photo of Christi Richards
    Christi Richards


    …and it rocks! Thank you!

    Profile photo of Tore


    Wow! Seems like it’s raining plugins right now!

    Profile photo of danbpfr


    I made a pot file for this plugin and added code to translate the php file.

    Where should i put the zip ?

    A french version is already avaible on

    Profile photo of reinergaer


    this is a great plugin. since I do not want anyone to create a blog with a group (so far users are only allowed to start their own group and blog registration is disabled): How could I – as admin – exclusively attach blogs to certain groups? Is there any way that only admins (of bp and not group admins) are allowed to create “group blogs”?



    Profile photo of Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar


    Thumbs up…

    I wish that could be done for user profiles too…

    Thanks andy…

    Profile photo of Mike Pratt
    Mike Pratt


    @reinergaer Don’t confuse Andy’s plugin (which draws external blog RSS feeds into a group) with the under-development Group Blog plugin which adds full blogging functionality seamlessly into a group

    Profile photo of danbpfr


    Plugin works fine. But a “little” bug occurs on SWA.

    Any activity string coming from the plugin and showing in side wide activity could be deleted by visitors or non logged-in users.

    The “delete” button is only viewable by roll-over, it takes me a few day to see this bug.

    Profile photo of arifinez


    Nice plugin…!

    Is there any chance to do the same way on members profile in the future?

    It would be great to give members the ability to attach external blog RSS feeds to their profiles.

    Profile photo of jamesyeah



    Since running the new 1.2 theme from the trunk this plugin no longer works, it works with the classic theme but I really miss it!

    Currrently the ajax loader just hangs, any chance of an update on this plugin, I miss it!

    Profile photo of Sunandan


    Hi , Is there are a way to redirect avatar link to group page instead of sending the user to members page.

    When i am using External group blog. The posts coming from external sites have avatar of this group but the avatar link is redirecting to memebers page i want this to redirect to Group page. Where should i change the code.

    Profile photo of roman


    any news about an updated version which works with the current bp?
    this plugin would be awesome!

    Profile photo of Tom
    Thomas Opp


    I´m using the external group blogs plugins since it was published. Since BuddyPress 1.2.7 there´s no activity avatar for the entries in the stream, only the small avatar for the group. Is there a chance to use the small avatar as activity avatar and link it with the group page?

    I was hoping I could get help with something…for some reason the posts dont appear in the activity stream of the group but do show in the streams of the users following the group, but all the posts from the blog’s history show up. Is there a way to only pull say 10 updates a day? @r-a-y

    Profile photo of Nick


    Is there a way to show the group avatar in the activity feed when the plugin pulls a post from an external blog. It looks a bit unprofessional to have just a blank space there instead of an image.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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