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Buddypress Home 2 Column Theme

  • Scotm


    I’ve played around with making the Buddypress theme 2-column (and not as wide on the page) but it goes screwy in IE. Can anyone suggest a few creative edits in the style.css file that will trim the width of the theme to accommodate just two columns (2 columns of widgets versus 3).


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  • fishbowl81


    There are 2 things you need to change, 1 in custom.css, 1 in home.php in the buddypress-home theme folder (and /css folder)

    remove lines 14 to 25 (or comment out) of home.php

    `<div id=”center-column”>

    <?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’)

    || !dynamic_sidebar(‘center-column’) ) : ?>

    <div class=”widget-error”>

    Please log in and /wp-admin/widgets.php?s=&show=&sidebar=sidebar-2″>add widgets to this column.


    <?php endif; ?>


    This will remove the center column from the layout.

    Next you need to adjust the css right margin of #left-column

    #left-column {

    margin-right: 280px;


    Also you could adjust the body width, with this addition to your custom.css

    body {

    max-width: 1100px;


    Hope That Helps,





    This is pretty much what I’d tried, although I’d forgotten about the custom.css file idea. I may have figured it out.


    I had also made mine a two column theme… extending the left column stretching across to the right one. Getting rid of the middle one. Got a few issues in IE with the top margin, should be an easy fix…but i’ll let you know.



    I made the above changes and the center column is gone. It has left an empty space, however, the right column did not take up that empty space. Since the above recommendation is a bit dated, are there any additional changes to be made if running RC-1? Thanks. Maybe a future BP version will allow the admin to choose between two or three columns.

    The home theme is just a theme, you’re free to do anything you want with it.



    I did the same concerning the columns, but this is not what brings the ie Problem, its some kind of a problem with margin: 0 auto; in body.

    If you open buddypress demo and you have a big screen you will see (on making ie browser smaller) that elements like avatars and some other content are getting weird.

    I think this is some kind of a serious bug, which needs to be fixed in next versions.. I was centering/scaling down buddypress (because now it looks much better (; ) and got confronted with this problem.. Maybe a Javascript could fix that..

    Usually/ sometimes/ possibly IE problems are caused by uncleared floats.

    try adding something like:

    <br clear=”all” />

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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