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BuddyPress Links 0.2-RC1 now available

  • MrMaz


    Hello All,

    BuddyPress Links version 0.2 (RC1, unstable) is now available for download!

    (Don’t forget to re-copy the “links” folder into your theme!!!)

    * Added support for auto-embedding of rich media (API documentation coming soon!)

    * Reduced create/admin form to one page

    * Wider selection of thumb sizes for the links widget

    * Many CSS improvements and fixes

    * Lots of general refactoring

    * Some minor bug fixes

    Currently supported rich media services are YouTube, Flickr (Photo & Video), and metacafe.

    The rich media embedding is scalable to an infinite number of rich media services by extending the class API. I will be writing some more extensions based on reach statistics when I have the time. I am also going to try to write up some basic documentation for how to write custom services. In the meantime, if you are a PHP OO wizard, you will have no trouble figuring it our by yourself, just look at the class interfaces in bp-links-embed-classes.php. Feel free to contact me if you need help or would like me to check your work.

    Please post any bugs or other issues to this thread. I will do my best to monitor it and address anything that comes up.



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  • lsddesign


    Hey all,

    Here’s my version of bp-link:

    Hope you like it ;)



    ps: if this is the wrong post/not allowed please delete this post :(



    Hmm just noticed that if I go to someone else’s profile and click the “links” section, I see this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function friends_check_friendship() in /home2/puetq/public_html/ on line 656

    What would cause this error?




    Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to make a bug report! The hard drive in my dev box died yesterday and I am still trying to rebuild it from backups so it might be a day or two before I am able to trouble shoot these issues.

    I agree, admin should be able to see all of the links in the dashboard, this is probably a bug. Not sure about the undefined function, that one is weird. Maybe someone else can look into until I am back to 100%.


    Looks awesome!



    Thanks MrMaz. Fingers crossed for you recovering everything.

    My site shall be going live at the end of the week, but I can just deactivate the links plugin until I can resolve this problem :)



    Hey MrMaz,

    Sorry to hear about the drive :/

    I am failrly new to bp and your plugin looks to be a winner. I am however encountering a few issues – mainly with the display of the links.

    The site can be seen – http://6×

    Specifically – the voting options don’t appear to show or work.

    On the Admin options under Edit Details –

    Edit Avatar Options

    Edit Advanced Settings

    Do nothing for me :/

    Currently running on WordPress MU 2.8.6 and the latest BP release.

    ANyways keep up the excellent work. This looks to be an awesome plugin.



    ** Ignore the previous post **

    I had the links folder in the parent not the default. My bad. Now your plugin is totally filled with awesomeness :D



    salut mr maz

    i’m running

    wpmu 2.8.6 with bp 1.1.3 and your plugin bp-link

    It worked like a charm, could create some links.

    but now i’m getting this php erro by creating a link :

    Call to undefined function bp_link_creation_tabs() in /homepages/41/d278410228/htdocs/wp-content/themes/bp-default/links/create.php on line 5

    any ideas ?

    thanks in advance



    @MrMaz, Please support user feeds to this plugin.



    The descriptions of this plugin sounds great. I was trying it myself om WPMU2.9.1.1 and Buddypress1.1.3 with just the BP-default theme.

    The installation went fine.

    But if I ceate a new link to a youtbe video and try to save the link. I get an error at the top saying: “Please fill in all of the required fields”. But I don’t see any field I can fill in.

    An other nice feature would be to sync the categories with the categories used for posts.

    I could use this for combining posts in a certain category and links with videos/foto’s in the same category. This can also be done with tagging. The only problem for this is that the same tags needs to be used sitewide by all users.


    The first point was that with a refresh of the page the category selection was not filled in anymore.

    Two more features:

    a) support for vimeo (and other big video hosting sites)

    b) let users delete links.




    Your admin bug is fixed in the trunk. Not sure about your friends_check_friendship() issue. The friends component loads before bp-links, so that function should exist. Can you do any debugging on your end?


    Thanks for the kind words. I have put a lot of time into this plugin!


    The most recent version of the plugin does not call that function on that line. When you upgraded did you copy the newer links template files into your theme?


    I have on my list of services to support in the Pro version which hopefully will be out in February


    I originally tried to hook into WP categories and tags and it was a huge nightmare trying to figure it out. I may take another crack at it in the future when the higher priority stuff has been completed. Vimeo is on my list of services that will be supported in the Pro version. Users already can delete links from the link admin page.

Viewing 10 replies - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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