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Buddypress Links Redirect To Home Page

  • moshthepitt


    Hi there.

    I just downloaded BP and I am trying to get it to work on standard wp 2.9.2

    I installed it okay and I am using the bundled buddypress default template but something is not working.

    All of the BP pages (friends, messages, groups, setting, etc etc) redirect me back to the home page.

    How can I solve this?

    My site is at this link:

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  • bierflesje22


    It seems to work fine.

    How did you solve this?

    It might be because you’ve got a username with a space in it, on that site. Also, make sure you change the permalink setting from the default that WP installs with.

    same problem here…WPMU the permalink setting, but nothing…



    I’m just trying it out on a test site but have the same problem. The groups button works, but the blogs, members and forum just reload the home page.



    @moshthepitt I checked out your site it seems you fixed the problem. Can you post your fix?

    Carl Chapman


    I have the same issue as moshthepitt. I am using WP 2.9.2 in a standard way. I have changed the permalinks to custom: /%postname% my site (dev site) is located at

    I have read as much as I can find about redirection errors to the home page. I see it happening to a LOT of people, but I haven’t seen one single fix suggested.

    When I see things like that, it appears that there is some obscure setting that is not mentioned in the documentation anywhere, as it seems unlikely that so many people would be a having the same issue because they were all NOT following directions.

    Also, it would be really helpful it there were a ‘subscribe to thread’ on this forum so that one could be notified of additions or answers to the conversation.

    I am having the same problem as well.



    Another issue here, when somebody clicks on this:

    They get redirected to the home page.

    Is the – in the username an issue? My permalinks structure is not default either.

    1. Which version of WP/MU are you running? 2.9.1 Single WP

    2. Did you install WP/MU as a directory or subdomain install?

    3. If a directory install, is it in root or in a subdirectory? root

    4. Did you upgraded from a previous version of WP/MU? If so, from which version? No

    5. Was WP/MU functioning properly before installing/upgrading BuddyPress (BP)? e.g. permalinks, creating a new post, commenting. Yes

    6. Which version of BP are you running? Version 1.2.1

    7. Did you upgraded from a previous version of BP? If so, from which version? No

    8. Do you have any plugins other than BuddyPress installed and activated? Yes

    9. Are you using the standard BuddyPress themes or customized themes? Using BuddyPress Template Pack

    10. Have you modified the core files in any way? Yes, to fix the avatar upload issue:

    bp-core-avatars.php line 389


    if ( !$path = get_option( ‘upload_path’ ) )

    $path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/uploads’;


    if ( !$path = get_option( ‘upload_path’ ) )

    $path = WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/uploads’;


    $path = ABSPATH . $path;

    …and report back?

    11. Do you have any custom functions in bp-custom.php? No

    12. If running bbPress, which version? Or did your BuddyPress install come with a copy of bbPress built-in? Not using bbPress.

    13. Please provide a list of any errors in your server’s log files. – Nope, shared server.

    14. Which company provides your hosting? Hostgator



    Turns out the username has a space in it. I modified it directly in the database to remove the space and it works now. Anyway make this work without modifying the database directly?

    Tim Nicholson


    I would like to know this is as well? Is there an easy way to get BP to use the “user nicename” (which doesn’t have spaces)… or even the “login name” would be acceptable (although not preferred).

    Carl Chapman


    This is a HUGE bug. How can you have a social networking plugin that lets people put in a name with spaces and when they do that, it breaks the whole plugin?

    Is anyone on the dev team working to fix this issue? Seems like it has been around for a while.

    Even THIS site is broken because of it.



    Wow, that sucks, lol

    Sunset Cowboy


    Hmmm, now i know why I can’t get to my profile on this site….

    Seriously though, I’m having this problem on my bp-site. is there any solution for this?



    Oops sorry for late response.

    Yeah, fix is as stated above by others: having a space in the display name causes BP to break :(



    Dont touch any core files or htaccess before trying this:
    Before an upgrade or moving to other hosting save your template folders created by “BuddyPress Template Pack” for your custom WP theme (members and groups)
    Check inside your theme folders for each:
    there should be many subfolders and files
    Some hosting providers does not copy files under some subfolder level
    if those folders are empty copy those files from wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default and paste inside your custom theme.
    Please reply if this helps

    My BuddyPress site has all links that redirect to home. Tried everything to no avail. My site is http// try any link and you´ll see. How can I solve this? Thx!

    PS: none of the solutions above worked!

    Now having the same issue as Don on my BP 1.2.9 (WP 3.2.1 Multisite).

    Certain activity links are now redirecting to the home page rather than the item. I tried seeing if there is a pattern as to why it’s doing this but it’s apparently random (to me). Certain ‘view’ links in the stream will redirect to the home page, some go to the activity.

    I’ve tried changing permalinks a couple times and that didn’t help.

    I updated to the new BP version last week. Any suggestions?

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