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BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation

  • up on the repo

    lemme know about any bugs/issues/features.

    This plugin will restrict group creation and settings to certain WP Capabilities. In addition, this plugin will auto-demote the group creator to group mod to ensure group settings may not be modified after creation. You may also define a group admin and mod that will be auto-assigned all new groups created.

    Auto-assigning an admin and/or mod to new groups

    In your wp-config.php file – set the following constants and check ‘Auto demote group creator to group mod‘ under the settings page.

    define( ‘BP_RESTRICTGROUP_AUTOADD_ADMIN_USER_ID’, the_database_user_id );

    and/or (admin inherits mod – no reason to define the same user_id twice)

    define( ‘BP_RESTRICTGROUP_AUTOADD_MOD_USER_ID’, the_database_user_id );

    I’ll change this step in the future to selecting users via the admin settings page.

    Basically, I changed up the group creation steps (removed all the others, add in a closed one) – then demote the group creator to a mod so they can’t go back and change the settings. You map an overall group creation cap level. Also you can map different cap levels to enabling a forum and the group status levels (private/hidden). If you leave those blank – then nothing appears and force a public only group otherwise make the same as the overall.

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  • @mercime


    @etiviti (rich!) Thank you for the plugin. I have been looking at ways to do this exactly to control the group creation and other new plugin-generated group functions like creating group blogs and group wikis, etc.

    I have just uploaded it to test install and set roles/capabilities to level manage_options in all fields given i.e. Site Admin for that install. At first, after saving the new settings, I got the WP page that prompted me that I needed correct password etc to create database. So I went back to wp-admin and this plugin’s settings were still default settings. The second time I input manage_options and saved the settings, it finally went through. So far, initial testing shows results I’ve wanted for this setup. Will be testing the plugin again later.

    Thanks again :-)

    At first, after saving the new settings, I got the WP page that prompted me that I needed correct password etc to create database.

    I’m not sure what would cause this. Is this a MU thing? (i’m only on single) I’m not creating any new tables/etc just using the add/update_option to store some metadata.

    and other new plugin-generated group functions like creating group blogs and group wikis, etc.

    i’ll definitely add some more cap levels to plugin steps in some future release.

    WordPress single install 2.9. whatever and buddypress

    I installed this plugin then deactivated buddypress – the plan was to do it just for a sec and then re-activate. But now my whole site is broken and wp-admin kicks this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_site_admin() in … /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-restrict-group-creation/bp-restrict-group-creation.php on line 286

    Please update your plugin so that if it is active and buddypress isn’t, it doesn’t torch the site.


    Sorry! …all fixed, give me a few minutes to check it in.

    dang that was quick. many many thanks! :)

    Mr. Etiviti,

    Very-very useful plugin, thanks a lot.



    Hi guys,

    I’m not the most technical but trying to get to grips with setting up a BP site. I want to setup all of my groups and then only have admin (myself) able to add any more. I have just installed thsi plugin.

    What needs to go into the configuration in my admin panel in order to achieve this.


    Ross :)



    I have no idea why, but when I activate this plugin, I do not get a configuration link in my admin. Plugin says it’s activated site wide properly.. strange



    Great plugin, thanks.




    I’m having the same problem as Anointed. Plugin is activated, but the panel that should be in the Buddypress area of the dashboard doesn’t appear. I’m running WPMU 2.9.2 and BP 1.2.3. Not sure what’s changed. It used to be there.



    I should also note that I’m running the newest version of your plugin, and it seemed to coincide with the latest update.

    Sorry about the admin page disappearing… on my local instance it showed up during testing but I was able to confirm on a production the same behavior. It was related to using a “loader” file for safe BP deactivation – some reason the admin_menu was not hooking. So I just reverted back and updated to 0.1.6

    also as a side note and if anyone else has this problem. One of my user’s wp_cap is somehow corrupted (set at subscriber but some reason the current_user_can(‘edit_posts’) evals to true but if I import the same user_tables to my local testing instance everything works fine. strange.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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