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BuddyPress Showoff: Post your links

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  • nickmu


    so far, it seems we’re the first band to be using BuddyPress.

    Check us out at:

    We’re not using the blog features on it…we’re mainly using it as a way for our fans to connect w/ us and our video posts etc. We just launched it yesterday. come check us out.




    under construction

    Michael Berra


    The site will be transfered to WPMU & Buddypress (see link above)


    @altesc is a Barcelona based small business startup – we will develop our business site using Buddypress



    Still in beta, but getting closer!



    The French buddyPress Community is here:

    with a buddypress demo in french here:

    Démo en version française



    My install is on





    local blogging community


    @geordee – an alumni page for my school..

    Hey, Im also new here, as seems to be the usual. lol

    Im just getting my site up and out of the water. Im working on getting a front theme setup, and Its proving to be a bit of a bastard. Im having alignment troubles, and formatting issues with the widgets in firefox.

    Check it out at :


    The new community of the Management Information Systems department at Temple University’s Fox School of Business We’re still building our user base and getting everyone excited about the platform.



    Basically a test site for checking features before deploying to our main club site. Follows trunk for WPMU, bbPress, and BuddyPress. Check it out.



    still getting a few bugs, bp is perfect for what i have in mind

    edit: actually one major but im getting is trying to post a new topic to this site… I have a problem but everytime i try to post it in a subforum it says “topic not found”… i must have tried 6 times, i hope they arent going through bc its not on my profile page. This is a testing ground for another wordpress install I’m thinking of for language learners.


    @peterfecteau A Party Planning Network.



    Launched on Sunday evening. – A network for Real Estate Professionals

    Still working out a lot of bugs but it’s getting there.

    18,000 users, is that the biggest BuddyPress site to date?

    Burt Adsit


    Wow maxaud. That’s a really nice bp skin, integration, overhaul. I do believe you are the largest bp site I’ve seen. Congrats. That took a lot of work.




    It took about two months from start to what it is now.

    Only having a few bugs from BuddyPress but it may just be my coding/styling.

    So far it’s been good.

    It seems the members like to push every button they see so group and friend requests are insane. I took off the group email notifications as it seemed to be getting abused. Might be good to have this as an option to turn off for future releases. a norwegian community site. just added chat (for logged in users)

    I use it to test different plugins on the community before I launch another site I’m planning.

    I’ve been screaming out for this exact thing, for since nearly 2 years ago now. If there is anyone from London that would like to help me get the ball rolling, signup at and maybe someone might be willing to help with the customising!

    When my site (if) starts to make money, I’m going to donate a good portion of that towards BuddyPress. You guys deserve gold for this.. Wait though, I’m still poor.. Hang on for now ;)



    Hello Andy, excellent job, I love wordpress…. I have been testing all community and multiuser blog systems and while Buddypress is still in a marvel work on development I prefer to wait for BP instead of installing and developing on any other platform… WordPress MU+Buddypress rock and will drive the social communites in not time….

    I am testing buddypress at, aula5 will be an educational+young people community in the Dominican Republic, the only thing I am missing is the Album feature, this is the main reason for people to enter in any community, PICTURES, PHOTOS.



    Most of you folks have done amazing job with their sites – I’m still using buddypress theme (not very good at coding)

    My site is a intended to be a social network for people interested in spirituality

    ‘i360 | My Integral Life’

    [Is there a tutorial to tweak the BB theme?]

    I have a Hungarian language install at . I used BuddyPress 1.0b1 with WordPress MU 2.7 and bbPress 1.0 alpha. Hungarian language file is about 90% complete; I’ll make it available when its 100%. I’d say 1.0b1 was about 98% ready for use with other languages: I had to go through the files line by line to add missing get-text tags. Since I’m just finishing my 1.0b1 install, I think I’ll wait a bit before upgrading to beta 2. When I do I’ll be comparing my tweaked files to 1.0b2 files in ExamDiff to find changes I need to carry over; This time I’ll try to keep some notes so I can’t point the developers toward any remaining problems.

Viewing 25 replies - 76 through 100 (of 291 total)
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