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BuddyPress Showoff: Post your links

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  • John James Jacoby


    @bmg1227, looks good. Anyone familiar with your previous work is probably expecting pretty fabulous things for BuddyPress from you in the future. :)

    A quick note of thanks to everyone for sharing your sites with everyone else. :D



    Hi Everyone

    I am familiar with WordPress Mu however new to Buddypress and one of my clients wanted a type site however using ning, you do not own the system and there are many limitations.

    So I dived into buddypress in the last week and on my 4th install sorted out all the requirements to get a nice smooth WP Mu + Buddpress + bbpress system integrated.

    The system is still in development as the social networking aspect is only one part of this sport coaches membership site. I am still trying to get YM Membership plugin to work on it as it needs to be a paid membership site.

    Here is the site:

    I learned several important lessons:

    1. If an existing wordpress install is present 1 level down such as in the root folder then WP Mu will not install until you temp disable wp-config.php and wp-blog-headers.php in that existing installation

    2. When installed WP Mu in a sub folder as I have it ./noc you cannot use the sub-domain installation and must install WP Mu using the sub folder option. If your WP Mu is in the root of your domain then you can use sub domains.

    3. WP Mu and Buddypress are relatively simple however integrating bbpress is a mission. I used these resources and it works now perfectly:


    4. Now going to use bp-test to add extra top level menu options

    My wishlist:

    1. A themes upgrader system to modify WP themes for buddypress

    2. Top level menu built in editor

    3. Paid membership script integration and/or JV Manager2 (Fantasos) integration

    4. Video integration especially All-In-One-Video

    5. RSS and Twitter feeds

    6. Easier homepage and widget editing (so far I can only add widget to the left column, even if I add one to one of the other columns, the system then adds it to the left column?

    7. When a user request is received, unless you are already logged in you get a forbidden page, this should rather go to a login page and then process the friend request. My very 1st test user was very concerned over this forbidden page :-)

    Overall, I am very impressed. It is a little technical but once you have one successful install it is much easier.

    I have a large free WP Mu system that I will be adding WP Premium plugins to and will market with Buddypress and bbpress installed. Keep an eye on

    In fact I will have Buddypress integrated in a week and feel free to grab an account, in fact you will be helping me test the load on the system if you signup and play around as there are only 4000 blogs currently. I will be adding many additional functions to this site and it will effectively be a type offering however with Buddypress social networking and a few of my tricks.

    A question I have is if I use the WP Premium multi db plugin which can split the WP Mu database into as many databases as you want to vastly improve efficiency and performance, then how will Buddpress+bbpress respond as it shares the same database. Perhaps I should have used a seperate database for bbpress?

    Keep up the great work BuddPress!

    Best Regards


    Burt Adsit


    Mark, trentadams is a moderator here and has the scoop on the multi-db solution. Look for his posts. Or he hangs out on #buddypress with the rest of us.

    Aaron Kittredge


    The only thing that’s finished now is some of the blogs. Would like to customize the theme a little and I still need to figure out how to get the forums working :/





    A new install and still playing with it



    Have managed to add the twitter widget into the home page. I will be adding a box around it with something like “Follow us on twitter”



    Hi This one is mine

    Its a social network for Engineers and engineering aspirants



    Ahtam: I care

    Ahtam is the Arabic word for “I care”… Ahtam is a social network were members care for the world. Members blog about cancer awareness, being green, smoking cessation and much more…

    Please join my site and invite others



    Going to be the next best sports fan hub online :)



    Just started and definitely still a long way to go!!!

    After three days of fiddling around I finally managed to fully integrate bbPress, so now I have to figure out how to add “Forum” to the menu and include all the header section into bbPress. The design will also be custon when I’m finished.

    The site:

    Damn Kunkel, that’s one nice theme. Did you make it yourself or did someone else make it for you?

    I’m actually looking for someone who can customize a theme for me and integrate Buddypress and bbPress in it.



    Doing a relaunch of the flash literature zine Burst Fiction with the main focus being a BP powered area for the writer community. Still working on the themes, haven’t officially announced it open but please feel free to pick it apart and give any constructive criticism.



    vgfan, I did the theme myself, not much to it to be honest

    Built it off the default themes in buddy press

    Its an online art installation.

    1) Think of a question, and type it in.

    2) Pick up to three wooden boxes from the gallery floor.

    3) The photo of the ordinary object inside represents the answer to your question.

    4) Save your sandbox results and share them.

    And soon the Results will go to my Buddypress profiles, not the old Vanilla ones.

    (Buddypress is what inspired me to return to WordPress, after deserting to Vanilla.)

    I’m even learning to code a little!

    Thanks BP,




    Family website, default theme, installed a few hours ago. Not much to it yet but the potential has me starry eyed:


    @dheerajsingh has been setup

    Am working n a new one



    wpmu 2.7

    BP trunck version 1245


    Went live today:

    Still have to finetune some stuff. First time I used WPMU and BP, but liking it a lot and getting the hang of it. Unfortunately had to hardcode somes stuffe due to time shortage.



    My baby / parentdiary site went live a couple of days ago

    Cheers all


    How did you remove the admin in the profile page.


    Charles Pisano



    Hey, I’ve created a test site that I’m using to mess with BP. Just sorta diving in and poking around at this point. However, I hope that I will be able to start some social networking websites in the near future and I’m excited about the prospect of using BP to do that.

Viewing 25 replies - 151 through 175 (of 291 total)
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