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Can’t access wordpress admin after installing buddy press.

  • Hello, I know that I can remove the plug ins to get back to my wordpress admin, but then buddypress won’t be installed anymore. How do I access my wordpress admin panel while still having BuddyPress installed? I tried a number of different solutions and nothing works. Thanks.

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  • Why can’t you access admin is more to the point, what exactly is happening. You do not need to remove BP plugin simply rename it which has the effect of breaking or un-setting the activation.

    If you have tried solutions it is insufficient to state you have that is meaningless, please make the effort to describe accurately what the issue is, what steps you have taken to try and resolve the issue.

    Lastly issues like the one you allude to tend to crop up on a daily basis please be sure to have searched quite thoroughly for a solution in past threads as generally you will find the resolution already described.

    I install buddypress, and after I go to my site, I can no longer access my wordpress admin panel. Every time I go to home/wp-login.php and login, I get brought back to my home page. No matter what I do I always get brought back to the home page.

    Keep in mind I am using my own custom template I migrated over using the buddy press conversion plug in.

    Well the first thing that must be done when troubleshooting is to take your installation back to the bare minimum required, that means no plugins other than BP and using the default BP theme then test whether the issue still arises; this way we know if the issue is theme or plugin related and of couirse we first have ensured that the actual plain WP install all works correctly – which it sounds as though it does in this case.

    I have a whole bunch of plug ins that I use for my site. You want me to disable all of them just to see why buddy press is acting like this? I would think this is a common issue others have dealt with before. Any ideas, settings, things that I can change to make this work?




    Yes, it is a common issue… and almost always plugin or theme related.
    Follow the advice given by @hnla to troubleshoot your install.
    Start by deactivating your custom theme to see if that’s the problem.
    If not, then deactivate all plugins, and reactivate them one by one to track it down.

    Brandon Allen


    Yes, @hnla ‘s suggestion was the correct suggestion. That’s the only way you’re going to figure out the issue. You disable all your plugins, you’ll probably have to rename the buddypress folder to allow access the the admin panel, but then you can use the bulk edit abilities in the plugin panel to deactivate every plugin at once. Then start from scratch. Activate BP, and minimally configure it, then one-by-one, reactivate your plugins until you find the culprit.



    @jhansensd Agree with @hnla. You asked for advice and that’s the standard one that you’ll get to isolate what the conflict is. You might also want to check out
    Then if all’s well with BP plugin, you activate your custom theme and see how it works out. install the other WP plugins one by one to find out which one is conflicting with BP.

    EDIT – took too long to answer, two already did

    I started off with a blank theme and no plug ins. After I try to go to sitename/wp-login.php and login, I can not access the wordpress admin anymore.

    There are no plug ins running except for buddypress. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? This is really annoying.

    Thanks bye.



    If your WP is running well in that same server, permalinks are set to other than default, and only BuddyPress plugin is activated in your install, then I would venture that you might also need to increase PHP memory limit

    this might be a daft suggestion and I am by no means an expert but after being logged in and returning to the homepage have you tried typing into the address bar?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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