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[Resolved] Community Gallery Plugin?

  • serie3369


    Is there a community gallery plugin that allows users to add pictures to one page on your community?

    Like just a centralized location where all users can go to see these pictures.

    Say for example I had a page named “Photos” A user could click on this page in the menu and it would take them to a page where they could add photos to this page with a click of a button that would share to the rest of the community if they were to visit the “Photos” page.

    I do not like BP Gallery Plus or any of that because it lets users have their own gallery in their own profile. I want a “CENTRALIZED” location for all pictures on one single page.

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  • brucedwilliams



    Ben Hansen


    have you checked out rt/buddypress media?

    not really sure if it does what you want but just throwing it out there.



    Maybe something like “bp-group blog” plugin and mixin one of the “front end uploader” type wordpress plugins… I played with this one on site and got the kind of functionality I think you are asking about.

    not sure if it was group blog, or maybe something else that auto-added new users to a multisite blog, I had another to copy over 300 users to the new photos blog.. and played with several fron end uploader plugins to find one that did most of what I was looking for…



    I saw this one a while back and it seemed to work well whwn I tested it last. It might need some tweaking regarding the css though as I remember. BuddyPress Portfolio

    But it would mean each user had their own gallery.
    A page can be created I think showing all pictures.




    From the description, that plugin creates a gallery per BuddyPress member. What I was looking for was a single gallery accessible to all members (i.e., a centralized gallery).

    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.



    I did a search for User Submitted Gallery and found this at Pippins Plugins. User Submitted Image Gallery.

    Or you could use Perishable Press’s User Submitted Posts (posts and images) and then put the images in a gallery on a page.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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