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Events Manager for BuddyPress

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’ve mentioned this before so some of the regulars here may remember this, but I’m currently collaborating with Davide Benini on the Events Manager plugin ( and we’ve just finished a major rewrite of the code, which will allow us now to make some seriously needed upgrades. The plugin is pretty stable now and we’re planning on extending it further. One thing we’re going to do over the next few weeks is make this work with buddypress so that users can manage their own events. If people have any ideas on specific features in the buddypress department, we’re open to suggestions!

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  • @mercime


    Hi @netweblogic. First requirement is that people can post events from the frontend, second is being able to set privacy levels for the events – public, for members only, etc, third is that at least one map can be attached to the event, etc. etc. etc.There are already a couple of feature-rich BuddyPress events plugins in the WP repo:
    EventPress –
    Jet Event System –
    Good luck.

    Thanks for the two recommendations, I’ll check ’em out and see what they have to offer. We already have a pretty solid events system in place for wp, so I’m hoping we can build on that. Some of these features you mentioned we’re hoping to make available on non-buddypress installs too, so maybe it’ll be two birds with one big stone :)

    Boone Gorges


    Group integration is a biggie. Events and calendars should be able to be group- as well as member-specific.

    Activity and bp-notification integration would be nice too.



    The ability to attach a flier would be nice. Also, the ability to sync events into Facebooks via API or something, if that possible?

    r.e facebook, we’re looking into that actually

    r.e. buddypress, over time we’d be interested in doing whatever’s necessary to plug em into the right parts of buddypress, Groups, personal profile, etc.

    btw, sorry for late replies here… I simply forget to check and since I don’t get any emails about this forgetting can mean not answering in weeks! off-topic, but on that note am I blind or is there an rss feed or another way of doing this? i’m so happy has notifications now, would be awesome if it had here too.



    @netweblogic Yeah, Otto et al have certainly beefred up the forums both for users and plugin authors. And, thanks for being proactive in upgrading your plugins :-) There’s no favoriting for the forums at this time. Perhaps, when @johnjamesjacoby rolls out the new bbPress plugin, that issue could be addressed then. In the meantime, for this group.

    It’s been far longer than ever wanted, but EM now integrates with buddypress. You can now create/edit events, manage bookings, and create group events.

    This is still a release candidate for EM 4.0 but it’s stable –

    Looking forward to some feedback!

    btw, @boonebgorges I guess I should mention that it does now integrate with activity and notification too :)

    I don’t have a calendar view atm, but the code is there already, its a case of adding the right options etc to get it showing instead of an events list.



    The single most import feature is that events have their own title structure. Previous event plugins have used the groups code as their base but the problem with that is that events don’t get titled in a very seo friendly way (if at all) AND often link directly back to the main blog’s latest post. This is an SEO killer :-( Also if events could be included in the WP tagging structure that too would help. If I had to add one more feature it would be the addition of an rss feed.

    Is there a way to add extended profile fields info to the Bookings Report? When people register, I ask them if they are Vegetarian and I need that info when I manage the bookings to know how many vege meals to serve. I tried using for an added column but it only fetches my preference in all the columns.

    Hope to see the option to add extended fields in Books report.



    1) Could you put the option to create New Categories at the Front End, please?
    2) I found that Categories could be selected by Front End users when creating events, but did not stay selected on save.
    3) The calendar is very useful but currently shows ALL the events. Can it be adjusted just to show Events I’m Attending or Group Events?

    thanks and well done on a great plugin.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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