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fatal error when trying to start new forum topic

  • I could really use some help in troubleshooting a fatal error I am getting in buddypress. When you post a new topic under forums there is the following fatal error that comes up and there is not a submit button:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function user_topics() on a non-object in/home/content/43/7750343/html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bp-forums-templatetags.php on line 223

    I am using a buddypress compatibly theme – WP Framework

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • @mercime


    Change to bp-default theme and see if problem persists.

    I am too, just had this issues and am looking for the answer. Fatal error: Call to undefined function submit_button() in /home/content/05/7936605/html/wp-content/themes/wp-framework/groups/single/send-invites.php on line 66. Below is line 66 from my code:



    To mercime question above:

    1. @afrey which theme are you using? Does the problem occur if you use the bp-default theme?
    2. Is this a new problem (ie. forum worked great before, but now doesn’t?) or has it always been broken since you installed buddypress?
    3. Are you using the internal forum shipped with buddypress or an external bbpress (standalone or the new beta plugin?)
    4. Does it happen all the time or just some of the time? Any commonality of when it happens?
    5. What other plugins are you running?

    I started a new thread on my issue as to not hijack lkgoldoe’s post. 1. WP Framework 2. Just installed the theme, hasn’t worked for me yet. 3. I’m using all internal attributes. 4. Seems anytime there is a Submit button present I get the error. 5. Jetpack is it. If you want to reply to the other thread that would be great! Thanks!

    I did try the BP default theme and that seems to have taken care of the errors and even some other glitches I had. I do have a question on the BP default theme..
    All my pages seems to show on the tabs on the top of the main page. Is there a way I can get them not to show? In other themes I was able to select them not to show but I do not see how I can do that with the BP default theme?

    Thank you for any additional help.

    open up header.php find:

    Add page id you don’t want to show as a comma separated list after the ‘exclude=’ parameter.

    BP 1.3 will handle this better as you can use the wp 3.* nav manus more effectively to build custom menus with BP pages actually using pages so easily selectable.

    Or you can install the add-all-nav-menus -to-adminbar plugin or what ever it’s called :) you’ll find it in the BP plugin repo

    Thanks for good info hnla – It’s much appreciated.
    I have seen much discussion here about group hierarchy or drop down menus in “groups”. I have tried a couple plug-ins – BP Group Categories/Types and BP Group Hierarchy – but I am looking more for “Group’s” with “Sub-Groups” within. Any information about this in BP 1.3 and/or BP plugins.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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