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Fishbook Help

  • I just installed Fishbook and have been looking it over. I can’t figure out how to change the header logo or update the menu items without WPMU.

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  • techguy


    You’ll have to modify the header.gif file for the logo.

    For the menu items, you’ll have to pull the header.php from the parent BP theme (buddypressbp-themesbp-defaultheader.php) and add it to the Fishbook theme folder. Then, you can modify it however you want.

    Techguy, I thought Fishbook used the BP files just with a modified CSS. When I installed it I could’ve sworn their was a message saying that updating the files for one changed both.



    Correct. It does do almost all of the work with a modified CSS. Except the header.gif and a few other minor changes. Plus, by pulling down the header.php file and putting it into the Fishbook folder, then you’re overriding that file too so that you can customize it for your needs.

    You could just change the core header.php file, but then when you upgrade BP you’ll have to remember to change the header.php file again since it will get overwritten.

    Useful stuff techguy!

    Do you happen to know why the visual editor doesn’t retain text formatting with this particular theme?

    Does it need a change to be compatible with WP 3.0?

    Thanks, Tim



    Glad it helped @tim-watt.

    I’m not sure which visual editor you mean. I assume you mean on pages or posts to the main blog?

    The only thing I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t recognize lists

    • stuff when I do that. I imagine that just needs to be styled in the CSS, but I haven’t had time to look into it yet. I will at some point, since lists is a pretty essential thing. I was surprised it wasn’t styled by default.



    Hello, I have just built my first Buddypress site, and its all going well so far. Based on the Fishbook theme – I have added a custom header image and thats basically it so far.
    However, I was just editing the footer text to add my company name, and when I save, all the footer text had gone! I also noticed, and this may or may not be related, the little tabs at top left of screen for My account, sign up etc are missing.
    Any ideas? What have I broken?



    Somewhere in your edits, you’ve deleted “ from footer.php. Add it back to just above closing “ tag, save and upload.

    @techguy @tim-watt @mercime @jralph Does anyone can help me how can i add or change the fishbook theme footer ? If i change anything there my admin bar disapears and its not related with string .



    I’ve already answered your other post about the missing adminbar and deleting the wp_footer will lose it. There’s nothing in the fishbook theme — a bp-default child theme with CSS revisions only — which would affect losing the adminbar. Re-upload the fishbook theme and while you’re at it, reupload the BuddyPress plugin. Are you sure you didn’t select “Disable adminbar for logged out users” in your BuddyPress settings in the backend?

    Thank you a lot … But what i´ve done, replaced the footer ( in fishbook ) with bp-default footer … so i could add more links there.



    Hey folks, I’m lost here. I have Fishbook installed with BuddyPress, and the only time I can see the admin bar (whatever menu name you want to give it, the one with My Account, Dashboard & Notifications) only shows up when I scroll down.

    username: mfn
    password: future

    Currently, 0 plugins installed, I reinstalled WordPress, then BuddyPress then Fishbook, and the issue remains. I did the trick of moving the header.php file from the BP Default folder into the Fishbook folder (by the way the above file names are no longer correct since BP 1.5) but with or without the header file, the issue remains. I remember testing out BP several months ago, and I didn’t have this menu problem with Fishbook then. I vaguely remember having to install a plugin to customize the menu buttons, specifically for Fishbook, but I can no longer find that plugin.

    Let me know your thoughts, thanks a lot.

    Hi Buddypress Team,

    I’m seeking technical advice for only ONE item… the rest is ‘in the bag’

    I’m using Buddypress with the Fishbook theme & WordPress MultiSite. I’m trying to display one custom header for each blogs/sites (located in subfolders). After tweaking around for 2 day with style.css & header.php (with horrific results – like 2 headers showing at once, or none at all), now I think it’s time to seek advice!

    My attempts were made using the plugin “Dynamic Headers by Nicasio Design”), but Murphy’s Law doesn’t seem to be on my side for this one. OR, am I using the wrong plugin?


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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