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Fitting BP to existing WP Theme – A little help here?

  • veneration



    I’m the director of a new site ( that is looking to use BuddyPress as its social interaction for the content built for the site. Its a site in the works, so its not full of people yet (thank god). The installation was a little rocky but went fairly well. I’ve gone through the help files and done what I could but I’m still having a few issues.

    If you browse to any user BuddyPress powered page you’ll see that my sidebar has been shoved rudely down in order to make room for the content in the body. I’ve tried using firebug and a few other fix tools to find the “width” number I need to change, but I haven’t had any luck to this point.

    I’m willing to sight any help I get directly as an advertisement or at the bottom of the page as a “Designer”. Either way I could use a little help.

    Thanks a ton!

    Tom Veneration

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  • Avi M



    This might be a good place to start



    Yeah, I actually installed that in order to get my theme to fit to where its at currently. Not sure if I’ve done something wrong, but It didn’t fit to my single page size at all.

    Pages like this one are a good example…

    Avi M


    You still need t odo some tweaking. There should be some instruction as part the plugins walkthrough. I think on the last page before you hit finsh. No so good at that stuff myself. Sorry I can’t be of more help.



    As you’ve found, the CSS for BP can conflict with your WP theme. Looks like the width of your containers are conflicting forcing content to roll over and down. I’d look there first.

    What I did was add BP to my WP theme and then start commenting out lines in the BP CSS files. I found a few of the same id’s were used and width, background, container and other properties needed modifying. It’s tedious, but necessary.

    Good luck.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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