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Group Documents 0.3.0 Released

  • Peter Anselmo


    Hi All,

    Get it while It’s hot:

    Note: you’ll have to click the actual ‘0.3.0’ link rather than the big orange button. I’m doing this for now so people will upgrade by hand rather than using the “one click upgrade”. One of the problems that was occurring is documents in the plugin folder would be deleted when they upgraded. This version of the plugin fixes that by moving the documents to the main site uploads folder. Please note, if your document links are broken at first, visiting the plugin admin page will move them from the old location to the new one.

    Also added: Icons!

    Aslo added: Bulk Uploads! – You can FTP large files or mulitple files at once by placing them in the “uploads” folder. The next time you visit the admin page, you can choose a group and assign meta info.

    Please see the changelog for more details. I’ve also updated roadmap.txt to reflect the latest user feedback.

    As always, your feedback is more than welcome.



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  • Boone Gorges


    Thanks so much, Peter. This is a killer plugin and it sounds like a welcome upgrade – especially the document path stuff.



    Thank You!

    I can report that it works perfectly on my system. I was able to upload documents in multiple formats with no isses at all.

    Fantastic plugin!


    I use a lot of pdf documents on my church site, and also use a great plugin to display them inline

    Would it be feasible to have the ability to create a modal window where a user can choose to click a ‘preview’ pdf button with the gview plugin in use so we have inline document previews?

    (gview plugin handles multiple types of docs already)


    it would be nice to see some type of sorting features down the road as the documents folder grows. I can see a few cases where a new document would be added each day or a few times a week on some of my bigger sites.

    maybe a folder system via doc type, and date grouping?


    How about an admin setting where only admins/mods can upload docs on a per group permission basis?

    anyhow just ideas… love the plugin as it is, it will come in very handy, thanks again



    Thank you sir!



    Hi Peter,

    i have sended you the fr_FR translation by the usual way…

    I have a question to you and all other users.

    What do you think to call this plugin “bp-doclib” instead of “buddypress-group-documents” ?

    DocLib is really shorter as Group Documents in the admin menu and more handy to use on a forum, like

    “hey my doclib is going crazy”, instead of “buddypress-group-documents is….”… :-)

    + 1 for me (even if DocLib (docutheque) is in use since 0.1.3 release on

    Peter Anselmo


    Thanks everyone so far.


    -I’ll look into the info you posted about displaying previews. Other people have suggested previewing. My main concern is kepping the UI clean. It’s been added to my list.

    – Sorting is definitely on my to-do list

    – I hadn’t thought of the per-group permission settings. I like it though. I’ll look into it.


    – Thanks again for the French translation.

    – I think at this point, the name is pretty ingrained. It would take a lot of code-rewriting to change it. I would encourage people to edit/create local translation files if they want to change the menu display text.



    I didn’t think about an inside name change, but you’re right, the translation allows this change very easely.



    Did an automatic upgrade from the wp-admin and got the following error message when I go to the plugin’s main page:

    Warning: opendir(/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-documents/documents/) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-documents/index.php on line 185

    I don’t even know what that means. If any community members or Peter can shine some light on the issue, I would appreciate this. Thank you.

    Peter Anselmo



    Well. Um. It means your documents folder has been deleted in the automatic upgrade process. One of the major changes for this release was to move the document storage to a different place for that very reason.

    I’ve been trying to get the word out to everyone to manually upgrade, but I’m sure you’ll be amongst a great many people who opt for the automatic upgrade.

    The error your seeing is a byproduct of the automatic upgrade that I didn’t catch in testing. I’ve updated the repository, so any freshly downloaded versions won’t have that error.



    where are documents stored from now on ? (where’s sitewide upload-directory?

    Peter Anselmo



    it varies slightly depending on your configuration.

    For WPMU:


    For WP


    Also, they are now stored in subfolders according to the group id they were uploaded to.




    this plugin is great!

    I have one feature request,

    maybe this option exists I have not seen it though,..

    To allow ONLY for logged in users download shared documents

    at the moment anyone can,

    if only logged in users – it would give more incentive for outside users to join the site network

    kind regards




    @Peter That’s good if the latest version has an upload place that isn’t affected by upgrades through the automatic updater. I’ll do a fresh manual install and see how it goes. Thank you.

    Peter Anselmo



    Thanks for the feedback, I’ve had someone else suggest that as well. My thinking is that documents are currently consistent with the group access levels. For example, if you can seen forum topics and members of public groups, you should be able to see documents. If there’s group content you only want group members to see, then it should be a private group.

    I see your point for encouraging outside users to sign up, I’ll consider adding an option for that behavior.

    @pjnu, Yes, it won’t be an issue anymore. Thanks for your patience.



    thank you! @peteranselmo

    I am looking forward to it ;)

    re group access levels – generally it could do too,

    is there a way to block access to groups/forums – until users log in?

    as I understand. this setting is not about public/private group though

    maybe i am wrong. i do not know, i am quite new to BP

    Peter Anselmo



    You are correct, public groups are available to everyone, and private groups are only available to people who have registered AND joined the group. There really is no “site registered only” option.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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