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Group Extension API – Getting group info in constructor

  • I’m trying to have a function that will process a form upload then redirect to another page. I thought of doing this in the constructor, but the current group information is not available there. ie:

    class My_Group_Extension extends BP_Group_Extension {
    function my_group_extension() {
    global $bp;

    // Do stuff, needing group info, like the current group ID

    wp_redirect($bp->root_domain .’/’. $bp->current_component .’/’. bp_get_group_slug() .’/’);
    // The bp_get_group_slug is also not available

    None of the group info is available here, but it is in any functions after this. However, after this function the headers have already been sent and I cannot redirect. How can I accomplish this, or what is the proper way to do it?


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  • PS: in reality, the constructor would just delegate to another function, like

    if ($_POST == ‘looking-for’)

    and processingFunction() would handle the upload and then redirect

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