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Group Type Directory

  • sx1001


    Hi all,

    I want to create a dedicated URL for a specific group type to be able to link to the groups in that category as a new directory.

    My page is in german, so the general group directory is listed under:

    I tried various things to see if I could filter by group type, like this:

    None worked, always got 404.

    I have a custom code which sets the “per_page” option already to 50. It looks like:

    add_filter('bp_after_has_groups_parse_args', 'wbcom_theme_alter_groups_parse_args');
    function wbcom_theme_alter_groups_parse_args($options) {
    	if (bp_is_groups_directory()) {
    		$options['per_page'] = 50;
    	return $options;

    It works.
    And I found that there are a lot more options in class-bp-groups-group.php for BP_Groups_Group::get(), like ‘include’, ‘group_type’, ‘group_type_in’.. so I tried to extend my code from above by:

    $options['group_type'] = 'Inspiration';

    I also tried to use the group-id instead of the “slug”….
    None worked…

    What am I missing?
    Any idea?


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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