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Hierarchical forums for each group?

  • Hi

    Is there a way to create hierarchical forums for each group ? I’d like to to have an
    “Announcements”, “New Ideas”,”Main Topics”….. under the forums page for each group. Should I be using bbPress 2.x ?


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    There’s only one Group Forum per Group with no hierarchy. As for Sitewide Forums (the bbPress plugin), these forums are not associated to groups at all at this time. It’s in the roadmap to refactor/migrate Group Forums to Sitewide Forums @ BP 1.6.

    @mercime: Thanks… change set 3654 looks interesting.

    This is a major and awesome step in the right direction. Especially adopting the buddypress extension APIs. Excellent work !!! Now I need to figure what is needed to check it out.

    3654 looks like it supports multiple forums per group. It looks like it also supports shared forums across groups.

    I didn’t see anything to define a ‘preset’ list of forums on enable or group create.

    Being able to define forums private to groups so they can’t be shared would be very useful, at least to remove clutter when you have many groups with 3-4 forums each.

    It looks like forums can be part of categories (as a parent).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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