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Hitting the “complete registration” button does nothing

  • tergra



    After filling the registration form, the user hits the “complete registration” button, but nothing happens. No new user to approve in the backoffice, no confirmation email, nothing. User is just redirected to the home page and that’s all.

    Also, I noticed the user can hit the “complete registration” button without filling any field of the form, that means if the user leaves the form blank and click “Complete registration” it will just redirect him to the home page (while the normal behaviour would be to show a message “please fill in the following fields”).

    Any idea how to fix this ?
    I have removed all plugins other than buddypress, and am running a WP Multisite 4.6.1.

    Thanks A LOT for your help, that counts a lot for me.

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  • Henry Wright


    Does this happen with Twenty Sixteen activated?



    Yes, absolutely.



    Where is BP installed ? Where do you try to register a new user ? What is the registration URL ? And give more details about your install please.



    Found the source of the issue. I had put the field (First name (Base)) in another group of fields, because it only makes the registration process longer and doesn’t bring anything valuable to the site. But when yo do so, it breaks the registration process for some reason. It no longers makes the required verifications.. I’m now implementing the solution of changing is_required described here by ModemLooper :
    It seems to work, I only have a issue with the css (I put a big div with display none before xprofile fields and I’m closing it at the end, just before the submit button, but it puts the submit button on the right as if the xprofile field was there, weirdly/

    Buddypress should really have that in core as this required Xprofile field is really not user-friendly AT ALL. 😉

    Thanks everyone ! 🙂



    I’ve also been thinking the same yesterday when I tried to register. the email comes, but it takes a day or 2 until it comes so no worries.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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