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How to filter members by profile field entries?

  • infantree


    Is there a way to add filters to the members listing? Out of the box you can search and sort, but my members would benefit from filtering, as well.

    I have added additional fields for each member to fill out using the Profile Fields in the Users menu (job title, location, etc). I would like for users to be able to see a list of the fields and be able to filter members by the value(s) of those fields. I realize that those fields are searchable in the standard search box, but I would like UI that would make the filtering more easily accessible.

    i.e. – Each member is able to select the county in which they work in their profile. On the member page on the front end, a dropdown (or other UI element) would appear so that the user can select one of the county options. Only members that have selected that county in their profile will appear in the results.

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  • shanebp


    You can filter members any way you want – but you’ve need to add any html UI elements that you need.
    And then write some custom functions.
    This should give you some clues, scroll down to ‘code examples’:

    Members Loop

    Prashant Singh



    Please check this plugin




    Hello @prashantvatsh,

    and how does this plugin work?
    I have installed it. and it creates a search field. That wokrs perfect.

    I my case, I have a custom profile field calles MUSIC FESTIVALS. Now I like to create a PAGE for single Festivals and show a memberlist of all members that like that single festival.

    Any suggestion?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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