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How to make user Avatar photo required during registration

  • victor_moura


    I’m one of the ning orphans and trying to find my way on BuddyPress. So far it is great! Love this community.

    One of the features I liked about Ning was that you could easily choose that the “avatar photo” for new users would be a required condition for registration.

    On BuddyPress, however, it seems that it is either impossible or a very difficult tweak on code (and I am a noob on programming).

    Would anyone know how to make the Avatar Photo a required element that users have to fill during registration, so I avoid the “mystery man” or other standard/generic gravatars?


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  • victor_moura


    Since nobody replied, I assume this is a complicated thing, right?

    Newbie question: Maybe I can send this as a suggestion for developers?

    From my brief experience of Ning that option wasn’t ever set and as annoying as it was to see the default avatar get displayed over and over, I think this was due to it being perceived as a barrier to people joining and possibly off putting?

    As a user I find I can’t proceed with the sign up as I have to first find some suitable graphic to upload, trouble is I don’t have anything nor do I know about the gravatar option, I’m an inexperienced internet user and haven’t got my head around avatars :-(




    thanks for sharing. Indeed, it is a barrier to user registration.

    In my case, I want to keep my network personal and do not need to expand a lot. I prefer to have a handful of people with a great vibe together (and the avatar is a key part on this).

    For that reason, in my network it pays off to turn some people off but keep the avatar as a required condition to do the sign-up (and I’d like to have it as an automated part of the system, and not have to be writing each person asking them to add the image post-registration)



    A barrier or not, I’ve got a client requesting this feature and am at odds with how to do it. Ideas?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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