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Invalid Activation Key

  • rjlucas


    When someone registers on my site, they are sent an email to activate it. Once they activate it and then login, they are redirected to a page that says they have used an invalid activation key when in fact they are logged in and active. Does anyone now about this. Feel free to test it on my site at

    I have reviewed the forums and found this issue over a year ago, but there is no clear solution. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • @mercime


    @rjlucas do provide more information about your installation



    I am using wordpress version 3.5.1

    It is a directory install, but it is in a subdirectory.

    I did not upgrade wordpress. This was a new install.

    I am running buddypress version 1.7.2

    I have the following plugins installed and active: bbpress, all in one event calendar, tinymce advanced, buddypress media, jetpack, subtle background patterns, wordpress importer.

    I am using a customized theme called “Salutation” which is designed to work with buddypress.

    I have not modified the core files and do not have any custom functions.

    I am running bbpress version 2.3.2

    My host is godaddy.

    I am on a linux server.



    @rjlucas have you tried basic troubleshooting like deactivating plugins batch by batch except BuddyPress to check which is interfering with the activation code?



    Is there a fix for this issue? please help.. I am having the same isssue



    I am having the same issue. I am not sure what steps to take to troubleshoot this.



    Even though the activation key is said to be invalid when clicking the authentication email, the new user is still created.

    After creating a test account I see the authentication key error. However, if I click sign in from this point the new user account works. I was able to login.

    Any thoughts?




    it’s an old topic related to BP 1.7. And @mercime already answered to the same question as yours.
    Read about troubleshooting on the BP Codex.

    FYI wp codex gives also general advice on how to debug. You may also find many related topics on this forum.

    Please open a new topic and give your install type, theme name and used plugin and explain your problem, when it arrived, what you already tried, etc

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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