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JS/AJAX issues in my theme: Member search, Friends-Switch, Autofill broken

  • besing



    I’m currently in heavy development of my BuddyPress theme and ran into an annoying problem now, I think it might have to do with JavaScript and/or AJAX code.

    – The search field at the members directory does not work at all, “submit” just doesn’t do anything
    – Also at the members directory, the filter switch between “All Members” and “My Friends” doesn’t do anything
    – The autosuggest feature at the Profile –> Compose Message page doesn’t work.

    I know, this all worked a few days ago, same theme (but yes, I made quite a few modifications).
    The default WP theme Twentytwelve doesn’t have these issues EXCEPT for the 3rd one (autofill) – doesn’t work there either.

    I’m running the latest versions of WP, BuddyPress and built my theme on Bootstrap.
    The JS console doesn’t spit out any errors.

    I also deactivated any other plugins and the bp-custom.php as well as the whole buddypress-folder inside the theme.

    How can I debug this?

    Any help highly appreciated!

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  • besing


    Sorry, somehow the Edit doesn’t work here – just leads me to the homepage.

    I just recalled that I changed the name of the Members Page recently… but that shouldn’t be a problem? (I changed the page in WP and checked the assigning in the BP settings, additionally I changed the PO/MO-Language file for ‘Members Directory’. Maybe there is some hard-coded PHP/JS content?)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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