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Missing Profile Fields

  • ebraxton30


    For some reason, the last few fields of my user’s extended profile isn’t showing up on their profile page. Is there a way to go to the second page of a profile…
    Or, can you extend the number of characters visible in a user’s profile. In my test profiles, everything is visible, however, when the user really elaborated in each field, the bottom fields disappear.

    Is this a quick fix or should I cap the number of characters per field?

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  • @mercime




    ok, i have asked several questions on this support forum and this is the first time i was directed to this site. here you go…

    1. i am up to date on wordpress, 3.5.1
    2. WordPress was installed as a directory, not a subdomain
    3. Root
    4. WordPress was installed at 3.5.1, not upgraded
    5. yes
    6. 1.7.1
    7. I did not upgrade Buddypress, I installed this version
    8. Bowe Codes, ADJE Event Cal, Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms user Registration Add-on, Members, Uber Login Logo, WordPress Font Uploader, WordPress Uploader
    9. I am using the Salutation theme
    10. No
    11. no
    12. n/a
    13. none
    14. bluehost
    15. Linux

    Again…the test profiles are working. Just not the ones filled in.
    i am using buddypress 1.7
    it was a direct install, not an upgrade



    Can anyone help with this? I have listed all of the information you requested but I’m still waiting for some assistance here.

    Thanks so much.



    @ebraxton30 know that we are all volunteers here living in different time zones.
    What have you done so far to troubleshoot the problem? Have you checked whether your theme has been updated for BP 1.7+? Did you change to Twenty Twelve theme or the BP Default theme to see if issue is the same or resolved? Or possibly checking if it’s a plugin conflict?

    the test profiles are working. Just not the ones filled in.

    Not quite sure what you mean. Filled in profile fields are not showing up? Site url?



    Thank you for responding.

    I answered the version of Buddypress when you directed me to respond to all of the questions after my initial inquiry.

    I did troubleshoot in Twenty Twelve as well as the BP Default theme and still am experiencing the same issues.
    The reason I did not consider this to be an issue with the plugins and perhaps a question of character max level, is because I have created several test profiles and am not experiencing this problem. These profiles were created in the same exact way as the true NEW user profiles. That is what I meant by “test profiles.” So…I will ask again…

    Is it possible that there is a limit on the number of characters available in a profile? Or, is there some sort of pagination option? I would provide the URL but it is an intranet site for and I do not want to include it here. Could I possibly send you a personal message?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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