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Missing the members tab and group creation question

  • Gavin


    Ok, maybe I am missing something but my buddypress install does not have a members tab so users can just see a list of the members. Al they can do is click Visit Random Member and every now and then it populates the complete list. I find this odd, and registered here as well and once again no members tab. Am I missing something? And what would be the best add on/plugin to install a search box function in the BP bar to find users who have similar tastes or key words? And while I am at it what are the most fun buddypress plugin/add ons out there?

    thats my site. I had a generic log in to use for situations like this to show people but I disabled it long ago. Any help or thoughts would be helpful. It seems silly if my users can not connect to each other out side of the Random Visit function.

    Also, can users only make ONE group?

    Dang I had a lot of questions.

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  • Larry kingsland


    Can someone answer this question? I also have no members tab, nor any way to create groups. When I first clicked on “Visit Random Group”, there was a button for “create group”. Now that one group has been created, that option no longer appears.



    The “Create a Group” button is only found, by default, on the groups directory page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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