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[New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

  • Download from WordPress Plugin Repo: BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

    A collection of bbPress plugins to bring a little more forum feel to the group forums.

    • Signatures (html tags are still limited to: a strong i )
    • BBCode Lite (or option for Shortcode if internal only bbpress)
    • Ajaxed Quote (requires theme edit on topic.php)

    I’m also looking to add the following:

    • Report Post to Mod (use notification/messaging system to group mods)
    • Support Forums (run nongroup forums)
    • Best Answer or bb-reputation (Karma)
    • Signatures administration to include defines set of html tag or bbcode

    Theme Edit is Required to use Ajax Quote


    Before the link:

    <a href="#post-<?php bp_the_topic_post_id() ?>" title="<?php _e( 'Permanent link to this post', 'buddypress' ) ?>">#</a>

    Please add this action:

    <?php do_action( 'bp_forum_extras_topic_links' ) ?>

    If you run an external bbPress – the bbcode subplugin will convert bbcode to html whereas the shortcode subplugin is for internal bbpress as it just hooks the wordpress shortcode filter on the post content. Also – the signature subplugin will use the same bb_get_option name as _ck_’s original bbpress plugin.

    Please let me know about any issues and any bbpress plugin requests to convert

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  • still giving


    What does this mean in English?

    so, to include a reply box on all pages for ajaxed quote, remove this if statement in the same groups/single/forum/topic.php file<?php if ( bp_get_the_topic_is_last_page() ) : ?> (don't forget about the correct<?php endif; ?>)

    What does (don't forget about the correct <?php endif; ?>) mean I have to do …

      put it in or take it out, and where ?

    I’m releasing an update to the the bbcode plugin – it’s not online yet but coming soon :

    awesome! i’ll update my plugin to refer to this one – and an option to output the bbcode buttons too

    mean I have to do …

    don’t forget to remove the closing endif statement.

    Signing in with my correct account (banfi is my surname ;-) )



    I’ll release the plugin tomorrow when I’m at home and have the SVN access to upload to the wordpress site.

    The only thing I’ve not added is ordered and unordered lists. so when enabling the buttons for the other you may want to take these out until at some point I can get that working? :)

    it supports everything else though as well as the color tag.



    Great guys, looking forward to the boingball-bbcode plugin.

    I just realized that I’m having the same problem as @stwc above. My “groups” redirects to the home page when the “required wrapper” is activated. Does so even if I deactivate all the included “forum extras” plugins and just leave the wrapper activated.

    WP 2.9.2 BP Forum Extras 0.1.5

    OK, the “groups” main page redirect issue (at least for me…) seems to be a plugin conflict between the Forum Extras wrapper (version 0.1.5) and Boone Gorges’ Forum Attachments for BuddyPress (version 0.2). I know Boone is releasing a new version soon to address some other strange issues with Forum Attachments so I’ll wait and see if his update fixes the issue.

    FYI, just updated and his Forum Attachments 0.2.1 does NOT fix the conflict between Forum Extras and it.

    Boone Gorges


    I was finally able to reproduce some of the redirect conflict issues raised here and elsewhere.

    The problem (or at least the problem chembro303 describes) arises when Forum Attachments (0.2.1) and Forum Extras (0.1.5) are installed and you click on the Groups tab in bp-default. If you comment out line 26 in bp-forum-extras.php

    do_action( 'bbpress_init');

    then the conflict no longer happens. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help much – tons of things are hooked to bbpress_init, so it’s kind of tough to narrow them down. I’ll keep thinking about this, but Rich, hopefully this little bit of info will spark an idea on your part!


    Just wanted to add I had the same conflict with Forum Attachments.

    i got a busy monday to catch up on work – but i’ll install the attachments plugin today and see what i can find out.


    super fast look

    if (isset($_GET["new"]) || $bp->current_component == BP_FORUMS_SLUG || $bp->current_action = 'forum' ) {

    is causing the issue – specifically $bp->current_action = 'forum' – if i remove this the conflict no longer exists. you forgot the extra == :P

    Boone Gorges


    Dang it, rich, you beat me to posting here! I found this error about 5 minutes ago and checked a new version into the repo.

    Thanks so much for following up!


    no problem! sorry I didn’t catch the thread earlier – had an away-from-the-computer vacation.

    works like a charm now! Thanks guys!



    Found the conflict I mentioned earlier — it was Boone’s old Forum Attachments for Buddypress (at version 0.1). The latest version (0.2.2) works fine, and all is well (so far).

    Thanks to both of you!



    Couple questions about the Quote plugin:

    1) Hitting the ‘Quote’ button populates the textarea with the text of the entire post being quoted, rather than just selected text. Is that the intended functionality?

    2) Quoting a post that already quotes something (the much-feared QUOTE PYRAMID, or at least the beginning of one) doesn’t work (it populates the [cite] but not the [blockquote])… again wondering if that’s by design or not.

    still giving


    Yes, it is “by design” that BBpress/BP Forums cannot do all the things normal users would expect from a forum.

    I am not sure what design that is but it is a little depressing.

    BBpress was already the prematurely born poor cousin of the Automattic stable before it was integrated into Buddypress.

    I’ve asking to see the roadmap of where ever this is all going but it does not seem that, despite the corporate funding now, there is one.

    And I think it is just all too much work for just one developer and open sourcers.

    Against my wishes, I’ve pretty much given up hoping and would rather see phpBB3 integrated with WPMU, as per With WP3 coming up soon … they may be hope on the horizon.

    Sorry to be so honest.



    Please try not to derail. I was not complaining about BBpress.

    I was asking the plugin author specifically for clarification of specific functionality in his plugin, which extends the default BBpress toolset we’re working with.

    still giving


    Well, to do something like only quote the chosen text, you are looking at something much bigger than *just* the plug in.

    Yes, I see the same behavior as you.

    How would you expect it to know what you have quoted? … It is not like a mail client



    I use a plugin for quoting on a Vanilla forum that I run for about 1000 users (that I’m thinking of moving to Buddypress) that does exactly as I described. You highlight comment text, hit the quote link, and the text you have highlighted (only) is copied to the textbox with the appropriate cite/blockquote tags. Highlight nothing, the whole comment is copied, again with appropriate blockquote and cite tags. If that’s not the intended behaviour here and I’ve found a bug, I’ll see if I can hack it in myself using that as an example.

    How would you expect it to know what you have quoted? … It is not like a mail client

    I’ll add trying to not be insulting to my request to try not to derail threads. Simply because you don’t see how to do something doesn’t mean a) it’s not possible or b) it hasn’t been done before.

    1) Hitting the ‘Quote’ button populates the textarea with the text of the entire post being quoted, rather than just selected text. Is that the intended functionality?

    2) Quoting a post that already quotes something (the much-feared QUOTE PYRAMID, or at least the beginning of one) doesn’t work (it populates the [cite] but not the [blockquote])… again wondering if that’s by design or not.

    Yes both by design (pulls the entire post_content for the quote, blocks nested quoting) – well from the Ajaxed Quote plugin it was taken from – this is also common behavior on forum software too.

    if you wanted highlight to quote type of feature – then all javascript for that type of behavior.

    Development Version update:

    I have included a new subplugin called Forum Index, please download from here:

    (make sure to remove the previous plugin before installing this one due to directory structure changes)

    install on my testing site:

    unfortunately some limitations with placement, behavior with the existing subnav ajax tabs, and css (something is auto adding alt class attribute on the tr element)


    I still is version 0.1.5 with no “Forum Index.”

    you’ll need to download the development version (v1.6b) – not a stable tagged version.



    Thank you so much for this. The forum extra page works awesome on my setup and I am so happy. You have really outdone yourself on this one.

    I do have one question. I made a post in a members only group forum, yet on the forum index page the new post does not show in the list of ‘fresh’ posts on the top. It does add to the counter in the group forum listing below though.

    I would have expected the post to show up because I am logged in and a member of the private group, but to have it not visible to the public, or members who are not members of the group.

    Is this a setting somewhere?



    Just wanted you to know I’m testing 1.6b and everything seems to be working. I love the new forum index feature! Including the group avatar would be a nice addition.

    Keep up the good work!

Viewing 25 replies - 76 through 100 (of 198 total)
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