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[New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

  • Download from WordPress Plugin Repo: BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

    A collection of bbPress plugins to bring a little more forum feel to the group forums.

    • Signatures (html tags are still limited to: a strong i )
    • BBCode Lite (or option for Shortcode if internal only bbpress)
    • Ajaxed Quote (requires theme edit on topic.php)

    I’m also looking to add the following:

    • Report Post to Mod (use notification/messaging system to group mods)
    • Support Forums (run nongroup forums)
    • Best Answer or bb-reputation (Karma)
    • Signatures administration to include defines set of html tag or bbcode

    Theme Edit is Required to use Ajax Quote


    Before the link:

    <a href="#post-<?php bp_the_topic_post_id() ?>" title="<?php _e( 'Permanent link to this post', 'buddypress' ) ?>">#</a>

    Please add this action:

    <?php do_action( 'bp_forum_extras_topic_links' ) ?>

    If you run an external bbPress – the bbcode subplugin will convert bbcode to html whereas the shortcode subplugin is for internal bbpress as it just hooks the wordpress shortcode filter on the post content. Also – the signature subplugin will use the same bb_get_option name as _ck_’s original bbpress plugin.

    Please let me know about any issues and any bbpress plugin requests to convert

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  • Mike Pratt



    I have the same issue with @dennis_h re Activity stream. First, let me make sure I understand what your intention is: I assume it means you can reply to a forum post from the Activity stream and it will put that reply IN the forum topic as if you did it from the forum itself. (currently they are not synced so you bifurcate the discussion if you leave that turned on)

    If that is what it does, should I go back and turn that option back on?

    I assume it means you can reply to a forum post from the Activity stream

    Not exactly but close – a little more basic: checks the activity table for the “new_forum_post” then pulls out threaded activity comments and then displays the comments below that forum post.

    For this to work Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?: needs to be set to No.

    but if there are problems – i’ll probably need some debugging info as this works on the default template

    etiviti (rich!), sorry if my question is too naive and simple, but is there anyway that, with your plugin and the BBcodes enabled, users can see when drafting their forum posts not the html code but the actual rich text edition? sort of what the TinyMCE plugin intends to do but, does not do athe moment, if I’m not wrong it’s not updated. If your plugin is not intended for this is there any substitute for this TinyMCE, sort of asimple rich text editing tool. Thanks.

    I got Activity working!

    It turns out it was my brain that wasn’t working. I followed your instructions so carefully I edited the default theme and not my custom theme. :)

    I can’t wait to see this plugin grow. I would be great if it worked with comments as well.

    I managed to get the TinyMCE plugin work for forums only (which is what I was asfter)…problem is that it seems to interfere with your ajaxquote, which I wanted too….any solution? what can I do? Thanks

    I don’t believe there is a solution for tinymce + quoting as ajaxquote expects the default textarea to be there. tinymce writes it into an iframe – you may be able to change the javascript to account for this but i’m not sure. personally i use markitup.


    alright! i’ll look into the blog component – logic should be the same.

    Mike Pratt


    well that actually may be better. Not sure. The key is to decide wether you should a. not be able to reply at all from the stream b. be able to reply but only as a comment to a forum post (nested) as you described or c. actually reply with a new top level forum post form within the stream.

    Don’t forget there’s also the entire issue of auto joining the forum on reply from the stream and how you go about warning the user that he is joining

    Good points and probably why I left out the replying (nested+) out of activity comments on forum post – may lead to some confusion.

    But on the other hand – I see it as layering the topic discussion whereas when topic discussions tend to go OT or branch into several topics. Could be an easy way to break off and utilize the stream like a pseudo forum.




    I may have discovered a bug, or at least inconsistency..

    bp forum index plugin…

    when users try to filter topics (for example, last posted. or my topics) .. the index disappears..

    anyone is facing similar problems or is it just me?

    kind regards


    due to the ajax and the forum loop – in the admin page for the index, select the other option and it will stick on every filter.



    Thank you,

    silly me, playing with settings, and not realizing what they do :)




    Tweetstream doesn’t work with my forums with this plugin enabled…



    Tweetstream doesn’t work with my forums with this plugin enabled…

    Are you sure it’s Forum Extras causing the problem?? What are you trying to do that’s not working?

    On my BP install, the current version of Tweetstream works when posting updates from the ACtivity page, but NOT from the forums. This issue occurs regardless of whether or not Forum Extras is enabled.

    Tweetstream doesn’t work with my forums with this plugin enabled…

    I hate to sound like a broken record but I spend more time replying ‘more details please’. I can’t help you if you don’t provide any details, configuration, steps, etc. Unless I break out my magic buddypress dust so i can go ninja style inside your server.

    Someone posted up a tweetstream issue a few pages back. Though I don’t know what the resolution is (i don’t use the plugin and can’t since twitter revoked my api access because of it)


    In the forums index how can i set up an excerpt for the group description in “<small> – <?php echo $listing->forum_desc; ?></small>”. Some of the users use huge descriptions and i do not believe such long texts are required for the forum index. Thanks. Also (and I’m sure I’ve seen this elsewhere but cant seem to find it now, how could I put the index above the latest posts. My coding knowledge is quite limited, to say the least…

    there is no action on the forums/index.php theme page above the forum-loop. I think this might be an error though. So you would need to move do_action( 'bp_directory_forums_content' ) above the forums-loop div

    for the desc, just wrap it in

    bp_create_excerpt( $listing->forum_desc, 255)

    (where 255 is the limit – i’ll also add this to the forum index widget too)

    Hey etiviti,

    do you have a demo-page in order to see your plugin in action ?

    Many thanks,

    Demo site is up…

    – (standard theme but with a few tweaks – which i outline on the site and blog)

    though for some plugins you have to be logged in. (sorry another registration thing – too bad WP does not have their own auth service) I’ll also install a few other plugins which i have in the works now (nongroup support forum, group forum categorization, tags (widget, index) )

    glad i did this – found a few bugs with my plugins and submitted some BP trac tickets :-)

    Someone had asked about pulling in Activity Stream items on the blog comments.

    I came up with a simple solution that just replaces the WP Comments with the Activity stream entirely. This may not be for everyone; won’t include any sort of pre-activity-comment support, no more comment moderation, requires being logged in (obviously)

    see it in action:

    I still have some work left but will release it as a new plugin later in the week.

    I think this could be the finial piece in truly bridging WP and BP.

    I just gave your comment plugin a quick test on your site. Not sure where you are at in the development, but it took a minute or two before the comment showed up and I don’t see anything in my activity stream. Other than that it seemed to work fine.

    One of my main concerns is what happens to all my existing comments?

    What about pings/tracebacks?

    Can the admin delete comments?

    A recent comments widget would also be cool.

    Keep up the good work!

    but it took a minute or two before the comment showed up and

    shared host – so it will be a little slow – otherwise all the same activity posting code

    I don’t see anything in my activity stream.

    technically, since its a reply to an activity update (the new blog post) – you see it on your profile activity:

    One of my main concerns is what happens to all my existing comments?

    not sure yet – or even i want to go down that road of converting of blog comments into the activity stream (since this requires the activity update for the new_blog_post to begin with – so those would somehow have to be injected into the activity stream ) – i’ll start a new thread on the plugin this week and can discuss more

    What about pings/tracebacks?

    doesn’t look to be a problem – but that may go tandem with the issue above

    Can the admin delete comments?

    A recent comments widget would also be cool.

    Sure on both – behaves the exact same as the activity stream.

    I think converting old blog comments would be key for for wide adoption of the plugin.

    Nothing showing in:

    oh doh, i forgot – i’m blocking out certain activity items on my site but it will appear in the stream (in reply to)



    Hey etiviti (rich!)

    Quick question (feel free not to bother to track it down, though, because it’s kind of an edge case, if you don’t care)…

    In this thread, I figured out how to make the default front page of the site be the Forums listing. Sadly, though, since doing that (with the method I outlined at the bottom of the first page), the forum index sunb-plugin is failing (silently).

    Any thoughts on a quick fix? (Hopefully it’s a minor thing.)




    Is there any way to get an RSS feed for this page:




    Is there any way to get an RSS feed for this page:

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