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new users / email registration

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    Hi everyone. Long story short, I had to uninstall WordPress and Buddypress. After re-installing WordPress, I created a dummy account, and recieved the confirmation email. (see below)

    [Florida Beauties in HD] Your username and password
    Reply to me. Show details 5:38 AM (9 hours ago)
    Username: George
    Password: xcHiE3E6y

    Once i got this reply, I’m thinking, “Great! Things are looking good!” Then I install Buddypress. I try to create a new user/dummy account. I check the email account the reply was supposed to be sent to. No email. Spam box…no email. Now, in my Dashboard/User section, it shows the new user. However, i can’t sign in using the account.

    Any ideas? Thank you very much inadvance!

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