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No Admin Bar or any other sign of BP on website page

  • Hello,

    I have installed/activated the BP and BP template pack. I am using a theme on regular NOT MU. I do not see the admin bar on the top of my home page or any other. I only see the My Account drop down menu when I am logged into the dashboard.

    I have read SEVERAL forum posts that talk about a dashboard settings area that includes settings to enable registration etcetera. I do not have that.

    Is there a helpful video tutorial from beginning to end so I can find where I made a mistake? All I did was add the 2 plugins in my dashboard and activate and go through the template steps up to Step 3. If there was something else I was supposed to do, I probably missed it.

    PLEASE HELP. I am at a complete loss.

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  • @mercime


    Check if your theme’s footer.php has a “ somewhere just before closing body and html tags.

    It does. Below is what is in the Footer php file:

    `<a href="; title="” rel=”generator”> – Designed by Gabfire Themes


    This is what is in the last portion:

    EDIT – corrected code above with backticks. mercime.

    I tried to paste the whole last portion above but it cuts off after the Gabfire link unfortunately but yes the code is in the footer file.



    I corrected code above with backticks. See text below the input area and just before the”Post Reply” buttom. Surround your code between backticks not apostrophe’s.

    Move your “ to just before closing “

    @gregfielding did you post in the wrong thread ? :)



    No it was my bad @hnla, in the process of editing the code that mdanista posted above because it was not showing up then wreaking havoc to the layout, I placed the wrong edit topic code and @gregfielding‘s got edited. To compound the problem, I tried to move greg’s topic and it looks like it was deleted instead. Sorry Greg!

    @mercime 😆 not having a good day all in all

    Think we’d better post a sticky just warning people that if their posts appear to start jumping around random threads not to panic it’s just mercime having a little ‘re-arranging of the furniture’ session

    I’m going to edit post #96127 haven’t a clue what it may be about as it hasn’t been posted yet



    == it’s just mercime having a little ‘re-arranging of the furniture’ session ==

    @hnla not fair, LOL. The sticky should be about what a backtick is. It’s not an apostrophe and neither should they place “backticks“ as is before and after code :-)

    @mercime Blame it on the backticks, bad workman blames… ;)

    Off to posts a forum alert “mercime is logged in , would all users kindly take caution when posting and if they can’t find their post later please search at random through the last 100 threads”

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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