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[Plugin: My Calendar] Alter Previous and Next Arrows

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    Hi, I’m running BP 1.5.1 with WP 3.2.1 and experiencing something funny with a calendar plugin My Calendar ( I have posted to the WP forums and the plugin author responded a few times and has declared the issue to not be related to his plugin but rather my theme or another source. And because I’ve only just started working with BP recently, I ask the experts where I might look for a solution to this issue.

    You can view the forum thread here:

    To sum up, there is a calendar widget in my sidebar and next to the Previous and Next text links that change the month selected these arrows appear. I have my own arrow background graphics I want to use instead, but we can’t figure out what is causing these characters to show up. It’s in the HTML, not CSS from what I can see with Firebug.
    `« Previous`

    I’d rather not post a link publicly to the site as it is not live yet. Mainly wondering what could be causing the arrows to display if the plugin isn’t doing it.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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