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Plugin reco? use case Shared event – photos/links/comments?

  • AJ Martin


    Newbie warning!!! I am new to BP so may be missing something that is obvious.
    Looking for the following functionality :

    Admin creates an event
    Any member (not required to be in same group) can comment, add photos and links to the event’s “activity stream”
    Admin can delete any member comments/photos/links
    Event does not disappear after the event date has passed
    Events are kept in their own section – somewhat like BP-Wire plugin.

    Think of a concert where many people attended and want to share photos/comments/links about that specific concert so each show would have its own activity stream. So both pre-concert and post-concert activity is available.

    Free or premium solutions are both fine.

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  • Boris


    Have a look here:

    The cost of the plugin is EUR 40 without VAT.

    Then there’s also EventPress and Jet Event System (both have plugin pages here on bp.orgh). It’s the only 3 I know of.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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