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Register Page Redirect Theme Wierdness

  • Using WordPress MU 2.7.1, BuddyPress 1.0.1 with Facebuddy Theme newly downloaded yesterday.

    If I set the Buddypress default home theme and member theme, and try to register as a new user, I get the register page as I should.

    If I use the Facebuddy home and member theme, “register” redirects to “wp-login”. Attempting to navigate directly to “” gives me the home page (same as going straight to “”). If I navigate directly to “”, I get the WPMU signup page.

    I have site admin settings set to allow new registrations but not blogs. I have tried changing it to allow registrations and blogs together and that made no difference. I have copied the “register.php” from the default theme to the facebuddy theme, to no avail. I have compared “functions.php” and found discrepancies (two missing includes in the new theme, which I fixed), no effect. I have compared index.php line for line and found no differences. At this point, I am stuck because I don’t know enough about how the code works to know what to check for differences. It is obvious that there is a discrepancy between the BuddyPress default theme and the new FaceBuddy theme. If someone will give me guidance where to look I am confident I can run this bug down. I just don’t know how the code is structured and fear breaking something doing it by “brute force”.

    All guidance appreciated.


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    Jeff Sayre



    Since you do not have this issue when using the default BuddyPress themes, you need to contact the theme designer and let them know about this issue. They may already have a solution, or will be thankful for bringing this to their attention.

    This is an issue with a custom theme, not BuddyPress.

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    John James Jacoby


    What happens if you just copy the code from bphome/functions.php into your current themes functions.php?

    Here is the solution. Don’t ask me how the problem got there in the first place, but it might help others.

    I took all the files that comprise the Default Buddypress home theme and put them into a new directory. I deleted the CSS directory, the Images directory, and the footer.php and style.css files. I copied over these directories and files from the custom theme directory directly. Upload the new file and select the theme in the browser and now it finally works.

    The author of the Facebuddy theme suggested this and said all he did was to modify the images and css from the default theme. However, all *I* did was download facebuddy from the theme listing so clearly that download as it sits is broken. I can supply a fixed version if anyone else is having trouble, although anyone brave enough to install WpMU ought to be able to follow the steps above without difficulty. Thanks everyone who pitched in!

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    John James Jacoby


    Cool, good work.

    I’d suggest notifying the theme author again and letting them know of your issues.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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